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  • Haha, looks like we're on the same boat then XD Agreed, French and German are both quite difficult to learn for non-native speakers. German must be such a pain since it constantly breaks its own grammatical rules XD

    About Japanese, I'm half-German & half-Japanese, so besides learning it at a school for 10 years, I also spoke/speak Japanese quite frequently at home. So I can't exactly claim to have learned it through hard work and natural skill or something XD
    Though, since I live in Germany, am no longer at a JP school and just prefer speaking German in general, my Japanese isn't really perfect either.

    Do you have a favorite among the languages you speak?
    Hey!^^ Nice to meet a French person here =)

    I used to learn French at school, but dropped it as a subject some years ago because I realized I had too many difficulties with it for someone who had been studying it for five years already. So yeah, it's not like I'm good at it, not at all.

    I think I'm just putting those French phrases because I like to fool myself into thinking that I can still speak a tiny bit of French, although reality looks quite different XD

    Also, my being unsuccessful at French doesn't change the fact that I still think it's one of the most beautiful languages I've heard to this day ;)
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