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  • Wonderful! Haha. Pikatimer's a bit tricky because the Wanted Delay is never the same thing as your target delay. It's always between 30 and 70 delays higher for some unknown reason. But once you've done your first one, it's easy.
    Ha, yeah. I can get like 1 per day if I'm lucky. But most of that time is actually spent finding like the seed, and date, and time, and what steps I'd need to take, and what IVs I want, etc, etc, etc. I've gotten pretty quick with the "actual getting thereof" part as of late, but I guess with a full year's practice that happens. Used to, it'd take weeks of trying and missing and trying and missing.
    well that was clearly the best and most consider answer and possibly could land you many many girls in the future:) just wanted to express my thankfulness that not every guy is a perverted creep haha keep up the good work
    Remeber that guy talk you boys had on advent? yeah...well, you were one of the ones that said you care about faces and eyes, right? Or am i totally off?
    Wihoooo *happy dance*
    Hehe, of course I would reply. It's so fun talking to you :) And this must be some kind of record, it only took you 1 hour to answer! ;D I was really surprised :)
    Hahaha, summer isn't complete without ice cream, cookies and stuff like that ;D
    Ah, that's true. How often do you have practice?
    Yay, we can be taco buddies :)
    Thank you, I really hope so too. :'D <3
    True, stupid rain ;) It's all sunny at your place, right?
    Hahah, yes! Everyone is going crazy about the actors visiting Sweden. It sure is gonna be fun :)
    Oooh, the world cup. You having fun? You must be tired!
    I'm not that in to watching football games. I used to, a couple of years ago. But there's no action. I prefer watching ice hockey :)
    Yep, there is a disneyland there!! :'D WOAH, you're kidding? They close down the whole place just for the seniours!? I so envy you! You graduate next year? :)
    No beach near my place. Or wait, there is a small beach here, but it's not a sand beach and the water is kind of.. yuck.. :p
    Awh! I've always wanted a dog, but my mom's kind of allergic so..
    Isn't it a pain to RNG? I tried to get in to that but after reading a couple of sentencens about it, my brain had a meltdown. :p Ohw, I love shinies! You have a lot of them? :)
    Yeah, you're right! Coming to the US and tasting every flavor from Ben & Jerry is something i just go to do :D How many flavours have you tasted btw?
    What are your plans this weekend? :)
    Hii Canelo there you are! :)
    Awh, that's okay, I've been quite busy myself. ;D I've missed talking to you though!
    Woah, you haven't had ice cream since then? Shame on you ;) I had ice cream with strawberries and chocolate sauce last week. Yummy!<3
    Oh, congratz on the freedom. No more school for a while :) *high five*
    You have football pracitce the whole summer? :)
    Wow! Tacos everyday. Sounds like heaven! You know what, I actually had tacos yesterday. :'D
    Nope, haven't tased any new Ben & Jerry's :( School's out for me too, since last tuesday. So nice to just have time to relax. However the weather this week hasn't been so nice. It's raining now.. So I guess I'll just have to stay in and watch some movies/have a tv-series marathon and eat lots of delicous stuff.
    So what I've been up too? Well, I've just hanged out with friends. This is going to sound weird but last week we spent the whole night out in a queue to get tickets to a Twilight event. It's a pretty huge deal that the actors are coming here, to SWEDEN! We hardly ever get any celeberties here. We we're up all night and it was crazy. So many fans. Imagine how tired I was when I got home, hadn't slept for 24 hours.
    Yay for answering my posts fast :) Oh, I love disneyland! I was at disneyland in Paris 2 years ago. It was amazing. But I bet disneyland in the US is even better. You're so lucky with the beach, sixflags and everything. Sounds like you're summer is going to be awesome! :)
    Nawh, what a cute name your dog has.
    Thank you canelo! I was so happy when the shiny suicune finaly popped up! You're RNG:ing? :)
    My plans this summer, I don't know actually. There isn't really so much to do here in Sweden. That's why I'm thinking about studying in the US. Costs a lot though. :p Anyway, I think I'm just going to hang out with friends, relax outside and just enjoy the summer :)
    I'm curious, what's your name? :'D
    Hahaha, how weird. Glad it's working now!
    I sleep a lot too. Love being up late and sleep til at least 1 PM. Hehe.
    Woah, delicous you say. Really cool that you actually made ice cream!! :)
    Hahaa, freezing the ice cream again. Didn't think about that. Wonder how that would taste. :p
    You can never get enough ice cream. And what would studying be without it or anything else delicious :D Sorry you have to study. You have much to do in school now? :(
    Excatly! Guides are so unneccessary. Well, to be honest. Nothing interested me. It was an army museum and they didn't have any cool stuff.
    Oh... That's sad. I don't think I would want to go there. ;(
    Hahah, true story! I'm thinking about buying more Ben & Jerrys since the summer holidays are almost here. Tomorrow I have two lessons, Tuesday none, Wednesday none and then Thursday the summer holidays begin!! :D How about you? And what are you're plans this summer? :)
    Oh, football is very popular here. I prefer football over american football. Oh baseball! I've always wanted to play baseball! It's not big here in Sweden though.. Playing baseball on Wii is the closet thing I've gotten. Hahhaa. And I must say I didn't suck at it. :) Which to you like the best, football or baseball?
    Awh, what's your dog's name? :)
    Oh, i see.. When you think about it, it's pretty weird we don't have detentions. It's not common to get grounded either. :p
    HAHAHA, nice there with the librarian. Way to go! ;D
    Oooh! I'm jealous! I want a grandma that makes tacos too! You're lucky :)
    It's actually quite common here, at least in Sweden. Some families eat tacos every friday. And we have Taco Bar here, which is well I think you figured it out, a fast food chain that sells only taco food. Yummy!! :D
    Yay! Cool that you like the same movies I like! :'D Yeah Gladiator is awesome! And Troy, i was surprised when he died too!
    I haven't seen Prince of Persia yet. I really want to see it! If you see it before I do, promise to tell me how it was :)
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