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  • (Woah, I had to cut the text because it was to many letters according to serebii :)) Here's the continuation!

    I watch almost every genre of movies. I love action/adventure/sci-fi movies. Also epic movies like Troy and so. My favourite movies are the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy. And the new Sherlock Holmes was awesome. Now I would really like to see Prince of Persia! But I also like romantic movies (how can you not when you're a girl), comedies and so. What movies do you like? :)
    Haha, canelo, canelo, canelo.. :) That explains why you change row in the middle of sentences :)
    Oh, nice to get home early! HAHAHA, you fell asleep with your itouch on your hand? You've must have been really tired. How long did you sleep like that? ;O
    I can imagine that the ice cream was! What flavour was it? ;O And how did you do it? :O
    Yeaah, the melting part has got to me before. Last year me & my friend decided to bring Half Baked to school. We had it in a freezing bag and a LOT of ice blocks around it. We put it in a locker and then on this beautiful and warm day when we we're outside in the grass at the school yard (we had free period) and opened the lid, well.. It was just chocolate milk! Money well spent.. :)
    So, too bad you can't send me some ;D
    My trip was really really really boring! We had a guide and oh, that really was a waste of an hour. She just talked and talked and we didn't pay any attention. Then we went home and yes, I picked up TWO Ben & Jerrys. I ended up getting Chocolate Fudge Brownie (I loooove brownies) and also Caramel Chew Chew, since I've never tasted that before. And let me tell you, they only had like 7 flavours. Dissapoiting :(
    Oh yes, studying + ice cream is an epic combo <33
    Thank god for good genes cause I don't exersice. I used to play table tennis when I was younger but then I quit and haven't trained since then. All the exercise I get is when I'm dancing around at home (when I really need to study), hahah. School takes all my time so I don't have time for sports or so :( How about you and sports?
    Oh I see ;D Taking a walk is nice, escpecially when it's warm outside.
    It's true, no detentions! ;D Is it common to get detentions in the US? Seems so in the movies, at least. Hahah.
    WHAT? Every click!?!? That's just unnecessary.
    If you're talking about things to eat, I like brownies, cakes, cookies. Favourite food is pizza, tacos and pancakes with ICE CREAM, caramel sauce/chocolate cauce + berries. What about you? :D
    I had a minimum day so and went home early!
    And I fell asleep with my itouch on my hand lol
    Sorry I didn't answer :)
    That ice cream that we made was awsome btw xD
    Yup many stores and flavors xP it's zoo good, I'd love to send you some
    But I'm afraid it'll melt and be crushed on the way lol
    how was the ttrip?did you get any on your way home?? :D
    Studyong+ice cream= <3 lol good genes are a must though!
    Or exersice, both are great haha
    I like all kinds of things, I like to hang out with my family
    As they are what matter the most! More than ice cream id have to admit lol
    I like go for a walk on the afternoon
    Sometimes take my dog, if not all the time hahaha
    And meet new people from different places ;D lol
    Whaaat? Seriously? Lol no detention, sounds awsome
    We should learn from your country xD
    Yes! They block them, and they monitor every click that you make
    And even what you type lol but I'm clever enough to know how to
    Get the pictures hahaha
    16 gigs are nice :) the extra space never hurts :)
    I see :D what do youu like more than ice cream? Well other than ice cream lol
    Its hard to like something more than that! :d
    what kind of movies do you watch? :D
    Hey, I saw you online! And you didn't answer me! :) Well, I'm eagerly looking forward to your reply when I wake up. Goodnight! :D
    Oooh, i wanna taste that! :) I don't know actually. It sucks :( I want all of them <3 Woaah, 5 or 4 stores! I wish you could send me some ice cream! Hahaha, I do. I loove ice cream, escpecially in the summer. I think I'm going to buy Cookie Dough or Half Baked today. Cause its 09.50 here, and I don't have school today except for a trip to a museum in a couple of hours.. *sigh* And on my way home I'll definetely pick up some ice cream, I need energy as I'm about to study all day. :) I love cookies and brownies and all sort of unhealthy things. Luckily I have great genes so I can eat that stuff without worrying! ;D So what do you like besides ice cream? :)
    Woah, your school is really tough with rules. At my school we use our phones and ipods all the time. The worst thing that happens to us is that they tell us to put it away, and then 2 minutes later you take it out again. Hahaha. We don't have detentions here :)
    What's up with the images? I don't understand why they would block them!! :)
    Oh a 16 GB, that's nice! Yes I've seen them, but it was a loooong time ago. I remember liking it when I was young but now I don't think I do because I kind of don't like "old" movies because of the quality and clothes. HAHA, weird I know.
    Oh okay. Goodnight then! I'll talk to you soon ;D
    Yep! The last couple of days I've had a Big Bang Theory marathon. So fun!
    YAY another fan :D My favourite flavor have to be Cookie Dough or Half baked. What's yours? The really bad thing is that here in Sweden we don't have all the flavours!! There are so many I would like to taste! Like Brownie Batter, Cake Batter, CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DOUGH (MAAAN, i want it!!), Cinnamon Buns, Milk & cookies, Imagine whirled peace. I can go on forever!! I wish I was in the US. Then I would taste every flavour that isn't here in Sweden.
    Hahah. Late night, you tired?
    Only for teachers? That's not fair. I bet their not doing school work then ;p But don't you have laptops? You only have stationary computers? :O
    Oooh, i understand! What movies do you have? I used to have tv-series on mine but it took so much space and I only have 8 GB :( Yeah, if you had internet it would truly be perfect!
    They blocked all imagages!? ALL?? :O
    Hahaha, yeah they're probably like; BAZINGA!!!!!!!! :) You'd love to slip on ice?? Haha, you're funny.
    What a?? Man, you're lessons are awesome! Ice cream <3333 You can never get wrong with that. FYI, I'm a sucker for Ben & Jerry's!
    It's wednesday here, is it tuesday where you are? In that case, how does it feel to live in the past? ;) ;)
    Is it that uncommon to have wi-fi in schools? ;O We have it so we can use laptops :D Access to wifi in school is awesome. I can't tell you how often I surf on my ipod when I have lessons. Great way to make a boring lesson, less well.. boring ;D
    You have a ipod touch too? *high five!* At least serebii seems to load a bit faster using it. ;D What about games on it?
    Hahah omg I have slipped a few times but fortunetely not that many times. :) The worst thing is that everytime I've slipped there's almost always someone around me. Like BAM *hoping nobody noticed and then sees people staring at you while you're trying to be cool and act as if nothing happened* Embarrasing or what? :) And yeah, the ice is another downside to snow.
    Woah, cool! It seems like you're watching tv-series every lesson :)
    Ok! I'm 17, 18 in september ;D
    Oh btw sorry for the writing, i'm at school using my iPod touch ;p
    Haha, i noticed that! ;D
    You confused me too, hahah, but that's all right. The bad thing about snow is when it melts and it's slushy everywhere.
    Ahh, your chemistry teacher sounds a little bit like my math teacher, always goofing around too. :)
    Not to be nosy or anything, but how old are you? ;D
    I'm eating cookies now <333 Yummylicious!
    Haha, yeah but still it seems so awesome with the beaches and mountains. Man, someday it's "California, here I come!" :)
    Oh, i see. It's pretty when it snows but snow from october to apri isn't that funl.. :)
    Okay, you have a boxer? how cute :)
    Hahahahha, for real? What a cool chemistry teacher you have!
    It is hahaha but it depends where you go :)
    the beaches, the mountains, the off-road racing and all that good stuff
    but you know, everything is hollywoodized and made prettier :p
    Most of the days during summer are also super hot XD
    Snow??!?! wow..i barely remember going to the mountains to the snow here lol
    i wished it could actually snow during winter, it just gets...super cold
    and I trained my dog a lil and went out for dinner with my family :)
    haha I like that show btw my chemistry teacher lets us watch it sometimes :)
    OHH! Man, I envy you so much. I've never been in the US and I've always wanted to see California. Is it as awesome as it looks like in tv-series? :D
    Really? I thought it was super hot 24/7!
    Ahh, here in Sweden it feels like we've had winter uptil now. It even snowed in April! Everyone was so surprised. I can't wait for the actual summer to begin. Then it's around 20-25 C here.
    Oh, that's nice to hear. What did you do?
    Well, right now my day is cool. Just watching The Big Bang Theory while making lunch. But, after lunch I have a whole day of math studying to do. Yay me :(
    Yep! Where do you live? :)
    Hahaha. I think you're probably the first one who's asked me about the weather. ;D
    The weather here is okay i guess. Not like yesterday when it finally felt like summer!! How's your day been? Nice weather where you are? ;D
    I'm super tired so Idk about the battle tonight D: Sorry! Maybe tomorrow would be better? Pm me! :) gnight.
    Hehe yeah. I'm battling larris right now but if you're up for a battle in a bit want to do it? I'll message you when were done :D?
    Only with irl friends. so I'm pretty much a noooob. haha. but I'm ready to learn and grow :). How about you? Have you battled before? I'm guessing you have? and it's 3 am here too! Cali?!
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