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  • If it's Hoenn at lv. 40, it is most likely legit. Unless someone used a gameshark to hack it shiny, or just plain hacked a shiny lv. 40 pokemon, it's pretty legit.
    Congrats on getting it ^^
    Sorry- misread your post, so disregard everything past: "I got it through trade."
    Anyways, the only way to tell if it's legit would be to check it's IV's and stats. Possibly moves also.
    I got it through trade, and I'm sorry but I'm not looking to trade it. (It is my favorite shiny afterall) :\
    Yeah, I have both HG and SS but I'm doing the quest on SS without the shiny starters before going on to HG...where I'll probably play with the shiny chikorita.
    I don't think I said anything about screamo (my youtube name is Anthraxbtbo). I just said a bunch of "awesomes" and "woots" in addition to random pokemon stuff.

    and yes, hi-5!
    Haha, yeah. I basically spammed the comments thing, I didn't think I would get it even with the ~30 comments I posted, but I guess luck was on my side for once.
    Probably 6 taps and 0 coin flips.
    Sometimes you just get really lucky and get a really low number. Though I often go for nature, so I'll end up doing 1000+ taps anyhow.
    It does. Those couple hundred taps seem like nothing after you've done it a few times.
    Good luck and hope it goes well.
    The only way you're going to have a chance of getting your numbers lower is by applying the Masuda Method on top of your RNGing; that would be breeding two foreign pokemon together. So, say an English pokemon with a Japanese Ditto.
    Still, though, getting anything lower than the 100s is really very rare. Honestly, if you get anything under 1000 you should just stick with it. Keeping track of your counts is easier than you might think as one click is a double tap which makes the pokemon jump.
    If you're unsure about your counting, you can always do what I do. I keep up a notepad and keep track every time I get to 100, since getting to 100 goes rather quickly.
    Hope this helps.
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