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  • Thank you dude, I am very grateful for your offer! As I said, I already have another Ditto that is RNGed and is not english (I think it is German, I don't remember now), but is not shiny. If it doesn't make a diference I can use this other one. Thanks again for the Ditto offer, and for being the first, and so far only, person to answer me!
    I added you, in case your friend box still have space (my FC is on signature). Bye!
    Hi buddy. Thank you for your offer of a flawless Ditto! I already have perfect non-english Ditto that was RGNed (or so I was told, you can't really say the diference), but only this one from GTS is shiny. As far as I know, being shiny makes it a little more likely that this Ditto will breed shiny pokemon. So, the Ditto you offered me is/can be shiny? See ya!
    Okay, that's fine ^.^

    I'm really busy with school (haven't been on here in months) so RNG'ing is probably not going to be on my to-do list anyway.

    Thanks though! If I do need help with actual RNG'ing, I will ask ^.^
    Kk, sounds good. Good luck looking around- these are tough times to be looking for a job.

    I don't even know how to use the software- if you do still want to help me, it'll be a ground-up kind of deal.
    That's too bad :( Try volunteer work for a little. It looks good on your resume and it's also really relaxing.

    Oh yeah, please take your time.
    Man, that's good/bad/Idk. Do you have a job or are you out of work? (If you don't mind me asking, if this is a personal thing for you, just let me know)

    Cool- do you think you could do that? I can't really offer anything in return, I hope you know.
    You're in college, right?

    Sweet. I've wanted to learn how for the longest time, but the program has so many buttons and settings ._.
    Oh yeah, definitely more busy than before. Lots of competitions, tests, quizzes, and all of that.

    I'm working in an Art Shop again. Do you still RNG?
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