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  • Okay. I'll trade for both Dialga and Palkia on the fifth (BW) generation.
    I know. I meant next save. I'm willing to wait if you're willing to do it.
    Thanks. Please tell me when you've RNG Giratina and Kyogre (if you do Kyogre).
    My FC is in my signature. Meet me in the room?
    Hmm... could you trade right now?
    Have that exact same Latias. I don't like shinies, though.
    Yeah. Your Kyogre is shiny and Modest. Mine needs to be Timid and non-shiny.
    Tell me when you get to Giratina, please.
    Probably not another Hasty Palkia? Crud. If you do restart your Platinum game and decide to do Palkia after all, please remember me.
    Hmm... the Modest Dialga looks good. Is it nicknamed in the way I mentioned ("Dialga" instead of "DIALGA")?
    Palkia needs absolute maximum Speed, so when you restart your Platinum save, could you give it a spread of 30/31/30/31/30/31 but still make it Hasty? That's not exactly hex-flawless.
    Your Giratina plan sounds good.
    You could do that on your current save, but when you restart it, could you do the one I asked, please? I think that shiny Kyogre looks ugly.
    Erm... if everything else I asked is getting a bit much, we could drop the Lugia and Latias.
    I was looking for a flawless Timid Kyogre, a flawless Timid Latias, a flawless Impish Lugia, a flawless Modest Dialga, a flawless Hasty Palkia, and a flawless Modest Giratina.
    I don't like shinies, so please don't make any of them shiny.
    As for nicknames, I want the non-caps versions of their names (so "Kyogre" instead of "KYOGRE", "Latias" instead of "LATIAS", "Lugia" instead of "LUGIA", etc.).
    Does that sound good?
    Newly obtained Pokemon:

    Timid Nature
    Shiny Flawless
    (Ranger Egg Event)

    Careful Nature
    Shiny Flawless
    EV trained in HP and Special Defense

    Jolly Nature
    Shiny Flawless
    (Nobunaga's Rayquaza Event)

    Timid Nature
    Ability: Drought
    Shiny and Near-Flawless with HP Ice
    EV trained in Special Attack and Speed

    Timid or Naive Natures
    (Plasma's Genesect Wi-Fi event)

    Timid Nature
    Ability: Solar Power

    and more!

    Interested in any of these Pokemon or the ones in my shop?
    Legendaries. I need to get my hands on a lot of legendaries.
    First of all, you'll need to check out my shop to see what you'd like for payment. Here's the link to my shop: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?575423-WildShot-s-%28Lord-Zoroark-s%29-PokeSwap-and-Shop
    I mainly want the Platinum and Heartgold legendaries. I understand that this may mean that you'd have to re-start a few of your games to get them, but I'm willing to pay a lot for your services.
    Tell me which Pokemon from my shop that you like, then we can negotiate the legendaries.
    (I also have some Pokemon that I haven't listed in my shop yet. I'll VM you their information personally.)
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