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Last Activity:
May 7, 2013
Apr 11, 2011
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Well-Known Member, from Birmingham, England.

cantab was last seen:
May 7, 2013
    1. pikk
      idk if my pm got threw (new to the site trying to figure it all out) but i have lots of eveltionary stones and you have a croagunk... letsw make a deal :D
    2. Marbi Z
      Marbi Z
      I saw your sig pic! I almost steped on one of those and it made me scream like a girl :S
    3. Schade
      That Kabuto of yours is scary....
    4. M4zz
      He posted elsewhere, the mods moved the thread.
      Even if the mods moved it, they have the power to lock and edit his post once the original thread maker sends the required fields. And it's not like he can't edit them in himself.
    5. MugoUrth
      Kabuto is a Trilobite, not a horseshoe crab.
    6. Quagsireking
      Do you still have those larvitars?
    7. Dattebayo
      We've got a major problem here. There are users who will not listen to Smogon rules and wish to play it their way instead, which interrupts our way of Competitive play. They think tiers are for queers and will use ubers on teams without feeling cheaps. They even don't care for natures and EVs. As a fellow follower of Smogon, what do you think we should do?
    8. pokefantravis
      Thanks :)
    9. pokefantravis
      k, my Black FC is in my sig.
    10. pokefantravis
      Are you ready to trade?
    11. chuboy
      Nicely summed up :)

      I wasn't posing a direct question though, the purpose of my sig is really to illustrate that there are some neat elements to studying mathematics that you aren't exposed to doing sums in class.
    12. paxromana
      :) sure thing. Thanks for the pkmn, too!
    13. paxromana
      ah, thx. heading in.
    14. paxromana
      what's your fc?
    15. paxromana
      The stones I have.
      Can you trade now? My black fc is 3739 8812 8994.
    16. paxromana
      oh, awesome!
      What would you like for them?
    17. chuboy
      Ah, but if the region between 0 and x can be divided into Q equal portions, then doesn't it follow that the region between 0 and 2x contains exactly 2Q portions?

      The paradox is that the region between 0 and 1, and 0 and ∞ are supposedly divisible into exactly the same number of equally-sized portions.
    18. Skull-Kid
      To answer your question in MasterCh33f's thread, a Pokemon with the typing of Fire/Water/Electric/Dark/Psychic/Ice/Grass would be weak to Bug, Fighting, Flying, Ground, Poison and Rock type moves. It would resist Steel and be neutral to every other type.

      I know this because I looked into myself a while ago.
    19. ElYappO
      What do you want for the UT?
    20. ElYappO
      You still got Croagunks?
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