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  • Hello Canto,

    I have seen my thread has been closed. Was this You? If so, could you re-open the thread and move it to a more suitable section please.

    Thanks Josour
    What games you good for the P3? Yeah, unfortunately the Wii U didn't have any good games.

    I'll breed them when I'm ready man.
    Yeah, I think that's what it is bro, nostalgia. LOL

    Those are some amazing games bro, what systems do you have?

    Yeah, just tell me the shinies your'll be looking for, and I can get them. :]
    Same here. I love Generation 2. I miss the good music they had back in the days. R.I.P. :[

    What new games you got?

    I plan on going back soon, I can breed you some shinies once I complete my game. :]
    Been great fren. :]

    Haven't even beaten the Pokémon game yet. Been to busy with life. I'm about to go for my permit soon. Enjoying the Sun/Moon game? :]
    I decided in Pokémon Moon. LOL

    Here's how it looks: Decidueye, Kommo-O, Vikavolt, Lycanroc, Golisopod, and Salazzle.

    Still deciding on Sun. :]
    Feel a little better, thanks for asking. :]

    Yeah, I plan on using Jangmo-O on my team. What do you think of the new trailer and datamining?
    Been sick for like over 2 weeks. How you been?

    What do you think of the new trailer? :]
    I love both forms. But I like the Midnight form more. I'm just disappointed in the abilities.

    What do you think of the new apes?

    Bro, Pokémon Refresh though. :D
    I love Type: Null. Can't wait to see the information next month. That thing is going to be strong.
    Ultra Beast is interesting, from the looks of it, it looks like a new species from space trying to conquer Alola.

    What do you think of Rockruff's evolutions? :]
    Me too.

    At least we get Rockruff's Evolution next month. What you think of the new turtle and crab?

    Happy Belated B-Day :D
    Yeah, try it out. As long it's a decent size tablet, you should be good.

    Don't hold your breath. :p

    Yeah, I love it. It does look like it ate too many pancakes. :p
    Wishiwashi is one of my favorites, bro, even Gyarados is scared of this thing. Pyukumuku is really cute, until it's fist comes out of it's mouth, that's a turn off.

    What do you think they will reveal on Thursday ? :]
    It should definitely work on your tablet. If it was a mobile phone then forget about it.

    Yeah the new forms are amazing. Love Alola Ninetales. :]
    Looks like Alola forms are the main focus, but I do hope they keep the past generation Mega's.

    What do you think of the new leaks? :]
    Yeah. We can play together and built teams too. :]

    Probably be like Oshawott. Always trying to be the center of attention. LOL

    It will have one. That thing is bigger than Pangoro.

    Well we did, What do you think of the info?
    I'm still learning as well. You have a PS account?

    I know, I can see Ash catching one as well. It's already popular among fans.

    It got destroyed. OMG Goodbye. LOL
    I wonder how the Pre evolution will look like?

    Mudsdale's Ability is broken. We get news this Sunday. :]
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