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Apr 30, 2017
Nov 24, 2009
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Apr 30, 2017
    1. Bill Cipher
      Bill Cipher
      Oh, I think I know what the issue is now. Midnite♪ must be using Invisibility Mode. When you have Invisibility Mode on, other users can't see you in the online list or when you last signed in but staff can. That must have been what had us confused. Quite a lot of users have Invisibility Mode on; in fact I am using it myself.

      I just sent the post again. Thanks!
    2. Bill Cipher
      Bill Cipher
      Denied. Midnite♪'s last activity was on December 5th, so it hasn't been a whole month yet.
      Yo, this isn't a complaint or anything but where are you seeing December 5th? I've checked this user's profile and here's what I'm seeing. To my knowledge it only says "no recent activity" if the user has been inactive for over a month. Plus I've done searches on both Midnite♪'s latest posts (http://i.imgur.com/WdVbpvU.png) and VMs (http://i.imgur.com/SeI2AKP.png) just to be sure and nothing I could find says December 5th 2014.

      Clearly I'm doing it wrong or something. Can you show me where to check?
    3. Canada
      Thanks m8

      hahah i'm free
    4. cryuel
      Ah, I should have realised earlier. xD I've played a bit of Fire Emblem myself, but playing Final Fantasy XIV where there's an Arcanist class had me think of that first, haha.
      Thanks, and again, super gorgeous~ :3
    5. cryuel
      Hi there!
      I couldn't help but notice your absolutely stunning signature (and avatar for that matter)! :) would you mind telling me more about it, or are they just generic arcanists?
    6. Sworn Metalhead
      Sworn Metalhead
      Your order is ready over at my shop.
    7. SmeargleRocks
      The side Manga for attack on titan is really great, before the fall I mean
    8. SmeargleRocks
      Okay I got it mixed up then, thought it was 14 and 15 lol
    9. SmeargleRocks
      Actually I think 13 has been out for 2 months, gonna have to check the Wikipedia page I guess XD
    10. SmeargleRocks
      Do you know if volume 14 is out yet?
    11. SmeargleRocks
      THE WINGS of FREEDOM!!!!!
    12. Nulava
      I'm just glad Lopunny is getting some love.
      I plan on breeding one with elemental punches. :P
    13. Nulava
      Not really. It's arms are tucked away. Looks like a Torpedo. :D
      Mega Salamence is going to be to strong and going straight to Ubers.
    14. Nulava
      Mega Altaria, Salamence, and Lopunny.

      Oh My. :D
    15. Nulava
      I mean it always depends on the situation.
    16. Nulava
      I got to much pride for that. :P
    17. Nulava
      If they make it for the Wii U I would definitely buy it.
    18. Nulava
      That's true.

      One game I'm dying for is a new Colosseum game.
    19. Nulava
      Rumor has it, that it's suppose to come out after Pokemon Z.
    20. Nulava
      I mean Groudon and Kyogre got one so why not.
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