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  • You battle competitively?

    Look below, Endless sent me some cool ones.

    Beware of Bewear. This is a warning. If you don't believe me, just ask Pangoro. :p
    Pangoro is also my favorite out of the bunch. But, Beartic is a very close second.

    I will never tell it that I like it more that the mascot. But I do like it though. :p

    You seen the Fanart for it? :]
    Kiteruguma is decent. Doesn't come close to the classic Bears thougg. I like it's ability Fluffy. LOL

    Mimicyu on the other hand has a interesting design. I just feel bad that it wants attention and to be loved so it disguise itself as Pikachu merchandise. :[
    All these new abilities are amazing. There really trying to push Competitive Pokémon.

    Yeah. Can't wait to get it. :]

    What do think of the new Mons?
    I like some of the new designs. What catches my interest even more are the abilities. :]

    What's wrong with Tapu Koko? :[
    It is a legendary. Just not confirmed. We going to have to wait and see what the other 3 looks like.

    What do you think of the other Pokémon? :]
    I always thought it had to be part Fire. Only Gamefreak can pull this off. Lunala does look like it's typing.

    Yeah, it's amazing how much people can speculate and find information?

    You see the news? :]
    Now when you put it like that, it does make sense.

    Design wise it was good, it's just the speed that factor in with it's 4x weakness to Ice kills me. Rowlet could be based off a Burrowing Owl. Which is why people are expecting Grass/Ground.

    Agreed. It has too be both.

    I wonder if Rowlet will be Grass/Ground? Torterra was kind of a letdown. :[
    It's a possibility. Who expected Palkia of being part Water.

    Psychic/Flying is also a possibility. Can't wait until the 2nd. :]
    I'm expecting Psychic/Fairy. It resembles Olympia.

    I agree, but there's balance in the meta game right now.
    I'll be satisfied with that.


    Yeah, it's a possibility. I'm expecting the Legendary typing to be released next month. I hope they don't introduce a new type.
    I'm hoping 100 - 120 new Pokemon.

    I wonder if Mega Evolution will make a return? Any ideas for the Starter's evolution and types?
    Yeah, it was. LOL

    Yeah, I've seen a lot. People went crazy on them as soon as the trailer dropped.

    I wonder how many new Pokemon we'll have?

    One of them says "you talking s**t" and has Rowlet rotating it's head towards it's trainer.

    Another one says "Watch this" or "I've got this" with Rowlet.

    They've got more.
    It does have that Gen 2 feel too it. Pokemon needed to go back to there roots. Especially; since Yo-Kai Watch is very popular in Japan.

    Yeah they always do well when it comes to Box Art.

    You seen some of the memes for the starter Pokemon?
    If it becomes a tiger, imagine having that and Solgaleo on the same team. :D

    Another thing I like about the Starter's is that it's simple. If you were to put these Pokemon in Generation 1 or 2, they would fit right in. Especially; Litten.

    It's Lit yoo. LOL

    Now I want smores. Thanks a lot Canto. :p

    We also got the box art early as well.
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