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  • Yeah, I hope it has it cool hidden ability to deal with it's weaknesses. I wonder how the evolution lines are going to look like?

    In this trailer we got the starter's, legends, customization, region, and etc.

    I'm going to start with Pokemon Sun. That Lion tho. :D

    Cool. Once Serebii announces it, I'll post it. Lol

    I wonder how Marshadow is going to look like?
    This time it's going to be difficult for me.

    Last time I was stuck like this was in Generation 2.

    I'm loving all 3 Starters. As of right now I like the Owl, but the other 2 are close by too it.

    What do you think of the Legendary's?

    Is it cool if I claim the Sun Legend in the claim thread? I'm confident it's name is Solgaleo.
    Hey Canto, I saw that you locked down my thread since you said it shouldn't be in the chosen section. Just for future reference's sake, but where should I post theories in the future?
    Hey Canto, I want to claim a Pokemon but it's already been taken. So, i want to check for the member if he's inactive so that I could claim the Pokemon. So, how to visit a certain member's profile?

    Edit : Sent you the message without even trying to search first.
    I also don't play Pokemon games for the story, I play for the new features, pokemon and evolutions so that probably contributed to my ranking AS above X as well.

    Thank goodness for the username changes thread. My old name was probably the worst one on the forum. That's what I get for putting in zero thought to my name when I signed up years ago lol. But it's all good now.
    Just letting you know I received a name change, and I claimed Reuniclus, old username was BlackwingMarauder.
    Well in my case I guess the nostalgia helps, and that I prefer Hoenn over Kalos overall. Plus there was more to do post game than in X. I also had some pretty low expectations before I played AS lol.
    How has life been treating you? A few months ago I had extra money so I decided to buy Alpha Sapphire anyway. It's not my favourite but I actually like it better than X.
    If you do, thanks, 'cause I don't feel like keeping my claim oved Haxorus anymore and would rather have someone else have it.
    It'll be six to nine months, depending on what my command's orders are. It'll be starting early May, just to give an idea. Until then, I'll be mildly inactive as well, since my ship needs to do most of its pre-deployment workups out at sea. While I'll more than likely not break the once-a-month mark before May in spite of this, I still felt the need to throw out the red flag just in case.

    And thanks a million for your understanding!!!
    Hey, I've got a question about the Claim-a-Pokémon thread. Does the 30-day inactivity limit apply to me and my claim, even if I'm on a forced hiatus? By the way things are looking, I'm going on deployment in late spring this year, and I'll be forced off the Internet in general for a while. However, I would very much like to keep my claim.

    Are there exceptions to the 30-day policy mentioned, that relate to stuff like this? I'd appreciate any help you could offer in this situation. :)
    You'll have to check it out later!

    And okay! Good night! I'll talk to you tomorrow! Just message me when you wake up!
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