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  • Oh good, so the trade won't be too difficult then :).

    Ahhh, that's cool. I'm glad they actually see battle :p.

    There are so many trading newbies out there, that dealing with an experience trader, like yourself, who reads and actually follows the rules (OMG new concept), is a very welcome and nice change.
    Oh, it's not that I don't believe you, I just know OT:MAT is a huge member of PokeCheck. So the person you got it from or somewhere down the trade line, probably got it originally from there.
    Let me check on that.

    Edit: I'll accept that since it's for personal use, please post in the thread. As a note, I'm not crazy about accepting pokemon from PokeCheck, since most people can get them for free. Not to say that you got it from there, but I know OT:MAT has tons of stuff there.
    I try not to be too picky, but I'm a perfectionist, so I always try to go highest available (which is why I RNG >.<)
    Replied to your post in my shop. I already have the piplup and have a pending trade for the turtwig (offerer is waiting for the next RNG rotation)
    A bit earlier....but glad to see your suggestion went with what I thought.

    Cause I have no way to clone so I need to trade for each deoxys...I want one of each form.
    Can you please suggest the limit you think is reasonable?

    Ahh, the manaphy was shiny...do you have a non-shiny flawless timid one too?

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