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  • How many more requests was there?

    I can take the requests, but they will be at the bottom of my list. (I need to get all current requests done, including my offers for another trade shop, and then need to set up some sponsorship pokemon, since the clans are waiting) Would you rather wait or just stay at the front of the backlist?
    Yeah all of the spots do fill up very quickly. That's the only problem with my shop. I'm planning some new things for 2013 as well. Hopefully it will help.

    Which were you going to request? I'm forgetful.
    Thanks for the input...the only way for me to get DWF is trading since RNG-ing locks me out of DW. Hence why it's so slow. Any suggestions for popular DWFs that I must have?
    No problem, glad we were finally able to connect. No idea what happened.

    Please fill this out as well.

    Rate your overall experience at Dragonheart (1 low, 10 high):
    What can we improve on:
    What did we do well:
    Ok, we are obviously doing something wrong here...I see the screen cant wants to join you and I just got "The connection with the other person has been lost." error.
    yeah...let's do that...I have full internet bars...I wonder if it's a weird connection problem. I just trade with Icon...so I don't think it's my side.
    Thanks...I pulled it from my shop as well (that's why I have everyone put it in the application :p) Entering room and seeking trades.
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