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Cap D. Blue
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  • Oh please, you're the one who maintained pretty much constant activity here in the meantime. I just can't think of much to say to anyone here. D: But I have you to talk to about exalted Pokémon matters, so I'm happy.
    Well, I know that, but I just have so much potential! Lol, seriously, I know life isn't fair, but that doesn't make it any easier... Anyway, my job seems to be going well, so there's that.

    Oh, tell her I say hi, too!
    Really? That's too bad... I'm not self-depreciating at all; I mean, there are things I don't like about myself, but my attitude is, why does this happen to ME, of all people, when I have so much potential? Aha, I do have some self-awareness about it, but... I have ideas about why everything happens... but that's because I'm obsessed with existential quandries. And not in a good way.
    Aw, thanks! It feels good to talk to someone about it. I try to stay positive, but... it's really hard to sometimes, you know? It's just... every time I think about it, it feels all so unfair, and I feel really angry about it... It's especially hard since I live in a college town; I go to a local coffee shop to use the internet, and there are always people studying in groups and stuff... Ugh. It helps to know that other people go through the same thing, though. Aha, that makes it sound like I want other people to suffer with me, but it's not that. It's just that, I start feeling like a victim, like the univerrse just decidead to pick on me, specifically. I know that's not true, but it feels that way... so hearing from other people gives me perspective. Yeah... but it's especially hard because my dad is 83, and I feel like I need to hurry up and get established, or I'm going to be screwed, and also emotionally isolated. Thanks! I will!
    Yeah, I'm having a pretty bad time of things, too. My family is so po we can't afford the or right now... I just got a job at a restaurant, maybe, but that's really not what I want to be doing. I want to go to grad school or something, but I just don't have the money. And I don't really know anyone my own age in my home town, so I'm isolated. I don't see that changing until I'm able to get back into school... I'm 26 and feel like my life is passing me by. Boo. It'll get better, eventually, because I've got a pretty sizable inheritance coming to me eventually... but I feel like I'm going to be 40 and it'll be too late and I'll be forever alone by the time that happens. Not likely, but...
    lol Don't you hate that? xD One minute the game's AI is a complete idiot, doing tail whips when you have one HP left, and then the next minute they're pulling the extremely lucky stuff you just mentioned. I remember the days where both my Pokemon and the AI's Pokemon were confused, but the AI's Pokemon never did damage on itself. >_<
    I'm inclined to disagree. xD Gundam and Beast Wars were more than just commercials for me. :p
    It wasn't just the battles either. I think I got tired of watching a 30 minute advertisement. lol
    I was more or less the same these past 4 years or so. As I slowly integrated myself to other fandoms of other things I liked, Pokemon slowly started to fade away from me, especially when those fandoms were of things that I like better. lol But I feel like I should get back to playing Pokemon some time again even if it's just for a little while. Dunno about the anime though. I won't say I dislike it now, but I will say that it leaves a lot to be desired, imo. xD

    As for Pokeshipping, I like tsundere anime pairings in general and I'll never forget that the pairing was my OTP of the Pokemon anime, but I have no choice but not be an active supporter since I'm not into the anime anymore. ): I still come across fanart of it from time to time that brings back memories.

    Glad you're enjoying 5Ds, even though I'm in a different part of the YGO fandom (the original manga). :p
    Time flies by fast, no?

    And I haven't really been into Pokemon recently. I actually have the Japanese Black and White right now, but I only recently got the motivation to finish up the Generation 4 DPP games and haven't even started on B&W yet. In actuality, the only thing I do relating to Pokemon nowadays is searching up fanart on Safebooru. :p Been more into other video game and anime series and so on.
    Well, that's pretty normal. Same thing over here, but I live with it.

    Congrats to you two. :p
    Holy crap the notification system on these forums suck so much I didn't notice your message fast enough.

    Hey bro, I've been doing pretty good. How you doing?
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