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  • Okay, work, apps, looking for a laptop in BF, and spending time with family.
    I don't have a particular favorite team, but there are interesting storylines to root for, such as:

    * Portugal winning the championship. Ronaldo doing what Messi hasn't. Adds yet another element to their rivalry.
    * A small country like Belgium having its world-class club football talent coming together and winning.
    * Cinderella run by Iceland.
    * Tactical masterclass by Conte gets Italy through to the finals against the likes of Spain, Germany, and France.
    Hrd to say, the combat is pretty ancient, but the story is great, and the new expansion has killer production value. The price isnt cheap tho.
    As someone who likes to do the same, your newfound sarcasm is much appreciated.
    Man, I am glad someone agrees with me about the final gym. It is supposed to be the toughest and most exciting one, so I really can't understand why anyone would only want a regular 3 vs 3. We deserve 5 vs 5! Especially since we had so many 2 vs 2 gym battles
    Indeed, given greninja is a starter I wouldnt be surprised if the other starters also got new forms. Serena-delphox would be pretty awesome.
    First time using an avatar, right?

    Couldnt have picked a better one either, Ash-ninja looks spectacular.
    He sent me like 50 VMs daring me to guess who he was, and he has a very similar way of writing to pokepal's old posts.

    he also wrote me that he has transcended humanity O_0.
    LOL, did I seriously write that to you?

    I must have had a bad day, please ignore that VM. You have actually become a really good poster, so kudos ;)
    I guess it's possible that she keeps the same top and skirt, but then I guess that mean's that I may be right about the Treecko thing from the script image XD
    For some reason whenever I look at that image I still see her longer hair...
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