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  • How can GTS results be inconsistent? Ok in any case, Id like a tradeback, which we both agreed on the other time already. Like I asked about a week ago, what are the timings you can trade?
    What has a bookmark got to do with anything? Honestly, I'm just stating something factual. The post you made before this was on 20th April, which is like, 3 days ago? Which days can you make it in the morning? You seem to be really busy. So which days would u be able to trade in the morning? Gimme the date and time, and I'll try to fit in, depending on my schedule as well.
    Ahem, I hate to say this but you haven't exactly been replying to my VMs...even though you've logged in at least once a day
    I can't trade then, cos it would be 12am for me if I'm not wrong. That'll be kinda impossible. I can trade at 10am GMT+8 whihc is in about 2 hours from now, if you're online.
    I don't think that's possible because I have school the next day(it'd be 11pm by then).Would you be able to make it Friday, 20/4/12 8.30am for you? That would work for me if you can...
    Ok you have 5 Zoroarks and no way to tell them apart? Do me a favour: Delete 4 of them. Since you haven't traded any Zoroark away(did you?) That'll mean that there's only one copy left. Just trade that last copy over.
    If you traded one away then never mind, just trade me the five Zoroarks. As for trade time, how about Sunday(22/4/12) 8am for you?
    Maybe I could send you a screenshot perhaps(for you to take a look at it)? Then we tradeback? Oh yeah, have you cloned the Zoroark already? Did you trade it to anyone?
    Oh and please return me the original Zoroark and delete the clones(if you did clone, that is.

    On a side note when can we do the trade back? Next Saturday(21/4/12)? 8am your time? Would that be ok for you?

    PS Scizor already has Pokerus on it...sorry about that Coopstain. I apologise
    Hello Coopstain. Apparently your Scizor does not have valid trash bytes, according to Pokecheck. That would mean your Scizor is probably a hack. Could you please check your Scizor and confirm it? If it is a hack(which shows up on the Scizor) you'd have to refund me. And at the same time delete all copies of the Zoroark(and return me the original).
    Please respond asap, thanks. I hope we can settle this without blacklisting or anything.
    OK cool. I'm finding i'm getting pretty quick at IV breeding now (I assume that's just luck - or perhaps better stands of breeding) but it's the 4th gen stuff that I want thats annoying.
    The two breeds would be:

    Skarmory: Careful 31 IV's in HP,Def,Sp.D and highish (above 20) in Atk and Spe ideally. With Brave Bird and Whirlwind egg moves and 4th gen tutor move Roost

    Hippopotas: Impish 31 IV's in HP,Def,Sp.D and highish (above 20) in Atk and Spe ideally. With Slack Off egg move and 4th gen TM Stealth Rock

    Let me know what you think.
    Actually I'd be more interested in some custom iv bred 4th gen breeds if you would still be willing to do some. I could do the EV training, not today mind you but when I have time I should be able to help out.
    Hey man. I don't know if you got my PM but I've been breeding Marill's and I've now added one to my section in your shop. If you're interested in it let me know
    Oh... I just realized that I've already offered you before. Sorry, I forgot. I tend to forget who people if they don't have an avatar. Sorry about the second Cresselia post.
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