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Captain Jigglypuff

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  • Oh...alright....thanks anyways.

    How can love be 'bad'? T___T

    I'm listening to Brother My Brother....it reminds me of what i'm going through about God.

    How he should just accept what i need to do for the better good.
    I'm so glad you're on. Since you're a member of the LGBT club....

    I made a post about today being the most troubling day of my life today. I need support. Badly.
    Thanks a ton ^_^

    By the way, I wanted to talk about your post in my pokemon autism thread. I was very into fashion dolls, myself, as a kid. And finding people who have shared that interest (and a lot of other girly girl things i've liked) online has been quite hard for me, so it'd be nice if we got to know each other better and tried talking about that type of stuff :3 On the plus note, people have been, on average, A LOT kinder to me for being a girly girl than they have on other resent years. I've nearly considered giving up on all things girly several times in the past, due to the cruelty of online people, but I did have a friend who always told me it was perfectly fine to like that stuff. That friend means a lot to me. Most likely as a best friend, right now, though. I don't know if i'd have feeling for her more than a best friend. But she means a lot to me.

    My crush on korrina is actually pretty new still. I've liked her for almost 5 months now. I'm not really sure if i prefer females or males right now, but currently i'm in no rush for a real relationship anymore (like i used to be more so when i was into riku). Right now, i only have feelings for korrina....and she's special to me....and sometimes i just wanna fangirl over how dreamy and wonderful i find her XD She'd make an epic girlfriend for me, i think....she's caring and sweet and brave and kind and confident and happy :3 She's amazing. I haven't really been picked on for liking her, either. Then again, i don't really leave my house much. Although i'm talking about the idea that i could be picked on for liking her....i would rather you stay on happy topics around me. As I am very sensitive. It could be fun if we got into talking about my little pony or fashion dolls :3 Drag queens might be a fun topic too. And it's neat you're a fellow aspie too. I hope we can become better friends sometime!
    Thought i'd mention this to you too; tomorrow is my birthday! :3

    I'm watching Dreamworks The Boss Baby on dvd tomorrow, too. :3 it was one of the gifts i'm getting this year :D
    Makes sense. Good thing I asked :3

    I hope you've been doing alright.

    I stopped posting in the gay/les/bi club 'cuz the posts in there got too negative for me :( Even if fangirling over korrina in that club was pretty fun XD

    I'm super sensitive to pretty much any kind of negativity though.
    Hey there XD

    Are you planning on seeing the new my little pony movie when it come's to theaters? :) Or waiting till it come's on tv or dvd?
    Haha...sound's a little TOO easy, if you ask me^^ Pokemon should be hard at times XD At least for me anyways. Maybe for others its better this way...haha.....sooo i won't complain for their sake :U
    I won't give up on finding one....i love skitties :3

    Not as much as i love korrina, but still yeah.

    Its easier to get in the remakes? Really? :eek: wow...
    None of my other friends are on XD Hi. (i admit; i was a little sensitive about you comment about my korrina obsession o.o hence why i haven't been messaging you as much. i'm a pretty sensitive person...who doesn't take getting 'rejected' well....lol^^;; )

    Do you like Skitty? :3 I really want to train one on my new ruby file^^ i hope i get to go upstairs and play again when it's a lot less hot.

    I duno what else to talk about lol
    I may have to stop posting in the gay/les/bi club o_O;; tattoo's post spooked me out.

    I hope you are doing well today.

    I had a fever earlier and may go rest more soon.
    I still use the net for talking to people to this day cuz I want to be on good terms with people and stuff. I have my good reasons. Also, I know a lot of my confusion was due to my autism. Again; Korrina has HELPED me through a lot of it. She even gives me a reason to like the color pink outside girlyness :) Pink is the result if you combine the red and white of her dress, lol.
    I do have a forum about her now, so I try (on average) to keep most of my talking about her on there. And...I actually kinda like Korrina for the same reason you liked pokemon a lot. I think it'd be pure hell for me if anyone tried to get me over her too. And I understand i'm a little extreme; but she makes me happy. That's kinda the trade off there. I've went through years of confusion and hurt dealing with online people as a whole and my fears of 'hurting' others due to my 'liking girly things'. Korrina sorta....help's end a lot of that for me. So yeah, I have my good reasons for being so 'obsessed'.

    Though really I think she just makes me feel happy overall at this point :/ I don't see why I should 'stop' being so into her. Ya know?
    She's not real xP Sheesh. I hope you didn't say that in means of offending me...o.o;;; *i'm rather naive and don't take to being joked around with all too well xD;*
    Interesting :O

    What do you think about my posts about korrina in the gay/les/bi club? They're interesting, aren't they? :)

    It does seem i'm not so into her at the moment after that long nap tho x.x

    Sadly i have unstable hormones and this does happen to me. I hope it end's soon. Not being attracted to korrina feels like being DEAD to me.

    She's really helped me so much in just 2 months. Letting go of her is one of the last things in the world i ever want to do :<
    That sounds like a game i might like to play :O It sounds really awesome and badass :D Thanks for telling me about it ^_^
    I used to play KH. Sadly the worst forum i've ever been a member of was also a KH forum >.<;;; so i'm a little wary of that...

    I have never heard of Shantae o.o whats it about? :)
    Awesome to hear that :) Thanks for telling me^^

    Autism is hard for me. I went through years of worrying i'll be 'evil' for liking cute and pretty things. Cuz people online kept confusing me....

    I'm glad this forum is different.

    Your av is really cute^^ I like jiggs too.

    What games besides pokemon do you like? I think the kirby games are really sweet :3
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