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    I've always thought it made no sense that acid based damaging moves have no effect on Steel Pokémon. I know not all metals are affected by every type of acid but they can't all have the same type of metal in their bodies. Bronzor and Bronzong are bronze, Steelix and the Magnemite line are clearly made of steel, and Registeel has been clearly stated to be made from an unknown type of metal so moves like Acid and Acid Spray could harm any of these Pokémon.
    Uh....wrong thread? :p
    You ripped that imaged from caption the above picture from PORTAL M4R10 right

    I recognize the cake and the box with the heart on it

    Seriously SMG4 is the best
    I know how you feel. I have Asperger's too. I too have had to deal with friends abandoning me. One of the worst cases was 2 years ago, when a girl from Oklahoma, who I had thought of as my unofficial little sister, suddenly abandoned me. It's worse because I am the youngest of two children in my family, my mother never bothered to have any more after me so I don't have anyone to look up to me, and I kind of resent her for that, along with the fact that she left my father and moved out of me and my father's house last year. As well, because of my friend abandoning me I've shown a general distrust of Oklahomans, and root against Oklahoma sports teams whenever I can.
    Watch the Battle Frontier series and the 8th movie again; TPCI pronounced Bonsly correctly as Bon-sly, it's 4kids who pronounced it wrong as Bon-slee, you got it completely the wrong way round. Heck, Bill Rogers, the TPCI voice actor for Brock, when he was a member of the Serebii forums explained why TPCI's pronunciation of Bonsly was the right one and that it was a "sly bonsai tree"

    TPCI knows the correct way to pronounce the English names of Pokémon because they are the American Pokémon company after all, 4kids, meanwhile, has been prone to saying Pokémon's names wrong. E.g; (not English name, but a Japanese name kept in the English version) Raikou, Japan and TPCi say it as "rai-koh" but 4kids would say it as "rai-koo".
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