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  • hey thx for the answer it helped me allot
    since Celebi comes from the 2nd gen of poke im sure that in gold heart(im getting) (Ho-oh and kyroge in the same game*-*) i`m sure there will be an event to get celebi then ill try to get him shiny.
    thanks again you really did help
    ohh if you get a shiny cynda when it evolves does it stay shiny

    hey Captain Noob i have a couple of questions
    What is this grass chain people do to get shiny poke ?
    any tips on how to get a Shiny Cynda and celebi?
    thx your help will be very appreciated

    Ha. I was just looking at the Animation in your sig, and I guess I never thought about how much he looked like he was having a temper tantrum! lol
    Oh, sorry PokeProMaster, I didn't see that you had posted on my page! Probably 'cos I havn't been online since you fixed up my team, trying to actually get a Gengar with HP Ice. I suceeded, and the average Sp.Atk IV is 27, but the Speed is 22. That's still okay right? It was 26, but it keeps changing. Hopefully its higher though. HP power always says 67 too, like yours was. Thanks much for the clone offer though, but after training this one up and it doesn't change much, I'll probably stick with it. The only problem is still getting HP Ice on Infernape though. I got a good one, but its HP was Steel. I can't get a Hasty/Naive female to speed up the process, which sucks. Would Stone Edge be a viable, if much worse, alternative?
    hey, if you have forgotten, im the guy who rated your team!

    anyway, i can help you out with a Hidden Power [ICE] Gengar (great IV's) and the hidden power is base 67 i think, it was a long time ago i got it. Its Modest with the following moveset:

    > Shadow Ball
    > Thunderbolt
    > Focus Blast
    > Hidden Power [ICE]

    If you feel you want to add hypnosis over something else, you easily can with a heart scale (that is if you want it). If you do want it, let me know and ill try clone it for you sometime very soon.

    Also, if you was thinking why use hypnosis on a scarfing gengar, its so you can put a threat asleep while you outspeed it then switch to a counter or something that can set up on your opponent etc.
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