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    Saw your post in the trading thread and thought I'd just say you can't get a legit pikachu with fly right now. The last event for flying pikachu was on GBA and to pal park it you'd have to make it forget fly. ^^
    Japanese Movie/Eigaken Darkrai UT, Japenese Surfing Pikachu UT With Voltackle, and Surfing PKTOPIA Pikachu UT
    I offer these pokemon for them :
    Shiny Tyranitar
    Shiny Salamance
    Shiny Magikarp
    Shiny Porygon z (EV Trained in Sp ATK With all contest ribbons)
    Shiny Uxie
    And various shiny pokemon

    Send Me a Private Message If You have and wish to trade with me or want to know what the various shiny pokemon are. ALL MY SHINY POKEMON ARE LEGIT
    lolk well what are u interested in then?
    i have alot of pokemon
    so just ask which one u want?
    mmm i onli need a normal pineco?
    do u have a normal one?
    sorry if im bein picky
    thx for the trade :D
    yer i know it pribz is hacked,
    im not sure i got it off a mate
    thx so much for the pichu :D :D
    well i have a shiny lugia and a shiny darkrai?
    wouldl those help?
    also i have these normal pokemon, ho oh, UT darkrai, uxie, regigas
    would u like any?>
    I have Shiny UT

    Japanese Dialga
    Japanese Palkia
    Heatran BT

    What are you willing to give?
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