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  • Well, for your RPG, I got my results for the daemon thing:

    Misdreavus for the first one, Water for the second one, and Mew for the third one (No surprises there, I've tried it before loads of times and got Mew every time, so frustrating).
    Two things wrong with your post

    1 - the sonicboom would take you to the bomb storage - far away from X - and would probably end up killing you

    2 - Dusknoir, not Tangrowth (and it was a wine cellar/bar - think mediterranean style
    Or are you not in Pyrite anymore? o_O

    EDIT: Okay, I changed it so that I live not far outside Pyrite, on the outskirts or something similar. If that still doesn't work, I'll come up with something.
    If you're referring to the Zack=Chimera thing, I was thinking that Samuel couldn't tell from behind. If I'm wrong, I'll fix it.
    I figured out what the problem was. I was only adding the ID number, forgot about adding the server number. xD

    I have a question regarding your DW thread. When I try to post the link that leads you to someone's Dream Isle, it doesn't work. I replaced the #'s with the proper ID, but it still doesn't seem to work. Am I doing something wrong?

    This is the thread, for reference. Step 2 and 3 is what I am having troubles with:
    no insult on you, I just wanted you to see the math so you knew why I suggested what I said:

    turned 15
    Participated in Hoenn League (I don't know much about this, but assuming that it's official, there would be a registration phase, and there would be several weeks of different things taking place)
    ^1 year?

    Travel to Sinnoh, participate in league - make it to Final 8 (once again, if he wasn't KO'd in round 1, then there would be considerable amounts of time between battles, trainers wanting to take rests, and there only being a small number of battlegrounds available)
    ^another year?

    Travel to Unova, Participate in league (see above)
    ^another year?

    travel to Orre
    ^another month

    In Orre for 3 months
    ^+3 months

    now, that means that it's before Christmas two years later, assuming that your Character's Birthday is very close to Christmas. - I normally put in the rule of 1 year per league - considering you would have to beat all 8 Gyms again. Really, your character would need to be 17/18, or have left earlier. It's a big world, and you don't always win every battle with ease like in the games...

    also, if he is using some method of transport (remember, it's impossible to use Fly or Surf between Regions) - you would have to buy tickets, Book ahead (he didn't plan to go to sinnoh before the league, did he?) and then boat trips would take weeks (if it's a plane then it would take maybe a day max, but you don't see too many planes in Pokemon)

    I'm sorry if I come across as rude, but I just feel that the massively short time of your travels makes your character really Mary-sueish (remember, Ash left when he was 10, and he is what? 15 now in Sinnoh? remembering that Johto and Kanto are litterally next to each other)
    Now, it's just me, so don't think this is necessary, but I think you character is a little young. I mean, who can battle 24 gyms in 1 year, all in different regions - I think its a bit rich. I suggest making him just a little older. At least 17 - or have him depart home much earlier, maybe when he was 12 or 13...

    Like I said, you don't have to, it's just my opinion... (orre shadow)
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