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  • Yup, significant. And I thought I already reffed that, with me double-posting dumbly 'cuz Serebii won't let me edit.
    Change the settings if you want to save what you send out. Serebii does not store PM sents by default. To answer your question, I did receive your pm.
    Thread is up. Thank you for allowing me to referee your match. Please feel free to query anything on the thread once the rounds go up.
    Hi, sorry for lateness with reffing. Think I should have posted an absent message XD
    Anyways, a 10+ job and some other private things/family in hospital caused me to not have much time to do any ASB or even internet related things.
    That all said, you'll get a reffing later today, normal sized and of normal quality at that :)
    Dammit Jeri seriously needs to update the site. I'll ask on the thread whether you want a re-ref or an updated summary
    I saw the message, I agree. (Considering i've already lost...) I edited it already. You're real good too, i suppose the no-letup strategy works wonders for you! Consider the forfeit withdrawn. (Am i allowed to do that?)

    Although, come to think of it, you could have posted the message here instead of on the battle thread. I don't wish to confuse our ref.
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