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  • Hey CaptainSteve!

    What's your GMT time zone? I'm trying to add that info in the OP for challengers. Thx for letting me know!
    I was still online them my internet shut off on me 10 seconds after. I even got the message "There's a problem with the other trainer's connection" But I do have a special friend that would like to meet your team. Truly special indeed. Also, whodaheil carries roar on tyranitar? Also, what is that Hydreigon's speed, I swore that thing was scarfed (pre tailwind)
    You are most likely gonna appear on Streetpass for me because ive been online for quite a while and my internet likes to troll me when I try to reconnect
    Neither am I.
    Nope not yet, I don't actually have a challenge team >.<
    maybe once most have challenged my gym I'll try to create one.
    anywho i've g2g to work now so ttyl!
    I can't view it atm but I'll definitely watch it once I get home! :D
    also after you challenge my gym(if you challenge it :3) I'll send you the code to me and Mr.Ys battle. It was pretty dang epic and close ^w^
    Rocks would have helped you a lot yes and I understand it looks dodgy on my end but I'd rather lose 6-0 then dc purposely and try to cheat. I will give you a rematch next time you're on if you want?
    Hey, if you want, I can take out my Mawile and have a rematch with you the next time you're available. I want fights to be fun, and if a pokemon I use prevents that for you I'll gladly change it out to make it more enjoyable for all :)
    Btw, good luck with your exams! :) (get enough sleep, if you can. some of our users admitted to being quite sleep-deprived, although College does do that to many people)
    Really? I find Mandibuzz very bulky.. o_O Like I said, I find it hard to even thko it. Neither Talonflame nor Aegislash can thko it. Greninja can, but Greninja is highly predictable too and rather frail.
    You can't change the meta unfortunately, and what constitutes a "cheap" Pokemon is somewhat different from person to person. I think we can both agree that some low risk hard hitters like Talonflame & Greninja are cheap, but I run Kyurem-B for example because it's underplayed as a legendary and can ohko certain things I struggle with like Mandibuzz. You may find it cheap, I original. ;) I could make the same argument for Mandibuzz; it's not OU by any means, but personally I still find it "Cheap" as I kind of need either a Taunter or Stealth Rock in order to prevent it from doing the pesky things it does to my team. Likewise, I don't find Aegislash "cheap" because it's done for one it receives a burn, plus it's super predictable, plus it dies from the prevalent EQ users out there even in Shield Form.
    I'm sure your points are true and granted I can't think of terribly many bulky ones, but from my perspective I always hated certain Dark types as the Ghost Leader, where there are so many powerful ones running around and with Knock Off having gotten stronger.
    I really don't intend to strengthen the type I oh so despise for being my biggest threat ^_^, but Mandibuzz is so good imo and bulky too. It's bully, has the ever so annoying Knock Off, Roost, can Taunt, and use Foul Play/Brave Bird. There is almost nothing in fact that can outright ohko or even thko it, and the sole reason for me having tried Kyurem-B.. ^_^
    Another ripper Dark monster (on the note of cheap ones like Mega Mawile) that I absolutely despise is Bisharp. Mr. Y uses one, and it's hard to kill with STAB Sucker Punch.. sigh.
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