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  • It's more of a multiple choice for the first two, then an essay, then a source analysis. But you're probably right. Come to Australia for a holiday, it's a great place. I reckon I'll have a gap year and maybe go to America. Yep, just 4 classes *mwahahahaha!* The Lord of the Rings trilogy, plus the Hobbit, are really good.

    I might head off to bed now, got school tomorrow :( Nice talking to ya, hopefully we can do it again ;)
    Yeah I'm scared :O I was offered to go to America to play soccer once, but I declined. Didn't want to leave my life behind, ya know? I didn't have to do a science this year, but I probably need one if I want to do well. In my last year (which will be next year) I'm gonna do Biology, PE, English and History or Geography. There's 8 of them (last one is in two parts) but it's totally worth it, like Lord of the Rings.
    I think our exams are about 7 pages long... what a drag. I should move to America then, their laziness would suit me ;) Chemistry was beaten by Biology and Astronomy, but they don't have an Astronomy class so I only did Biology. Physics is the worst IMO. Wizards aren't really my thing either, but Harry Potter, especially the later ones, are different. They're some of the best movies ever, the first is my least favourite and that's saying something, it's most peoples' favourite.
    We have exams at the end of the year, not looking forward to those :( Yeah, that seems about right maybe a bit higher. I'm not doing Chemistry this year, I like learning the periodic table, but not the balancing of formulae.
    My jaw literally dropped when I read that last sentence. You've never seen Harry Potter?! You must!
    We have something extremely similar to SATs called ATAR, some courses need a high ATAR to make it in. It's not really cold though, that's the thing. It's raining a lot but normally it's still around 15 Celsius (not sure in Fahrenheit). Yeah, air conditioning at my school sucks too. Yeah, it was more jumpy than scary IMO. Like the scene in Deathly Hallows where the snake jumps out from nowhere.
    I'm so confused, I can't tell if you're cute or not :O That's sort of what it is but we have to do it otherwise we can't get into Uni. Yes, our winter is in July :) Your break is so long! Yeah, that was the main reason I played it, to see if it was as scary as everyone was saying. It was a good day ;)
    Honesty is the best policy! Now I'm not sure if you're just being modest :/ My only downfall this year has been Research Project, which is a necessity, but you probably don't have that over there. It's winter here right now, we start school in late January and finish in early December. So the summer while we're off. I never wanted to play, but I did once and it was really fun. Plus the girls clinged to me when he scared us ;)
    Really? That's interesting... You meanie, just because you're probably stunning. Even though I got straight A's last semester, I'm so lazy and haven't done any work over the holidays. Now I'm behind :( I picked the right one then, Slender is such a fun game, I was playing it in English with some girls and they were freaking out when I went into the bathrooms xD
    I need to see it, NOW! :O Aww thanks! Glad someone doesn't think that ;) Don't mention it, it's a big part in your life. I'm unsure about Uni, like I'm not sure if I'm excited or not.
    OMG this is hilarious! I'm watching them play Slender xD
    I really need to see that, and 22 Jump Street xD I could scare you.... with my face! Haha.. I'm so funny :p Cool! Congratulations in graduating!
    No I haven't, but I'm looking it up now. What about Pokemon Apoke;ypse? It's not funny, it's a fan-made trailer for a live-action movie.
    The whole movie is hilarious xD Yeah, I had to watch it twice to get everything right. B-But... the Conjuring did :p So is this your first year out of high school?
    Make sure too, they're both really funny. Oh YouTube what would I do without you?
    Yes! And the scene where he goes to the strip club xD She's in the post credits of Winter Soldier if you watch closely, as is Quicksilver. Sorry, I must have scared you :p You seem to know what you're on about, you seem really smart :) See? Same thoughts. \
    Have you ever seen Pokemon Bridged? It is so funny, I recommend it. Oh, and while you're at it, SMOSH' version of Real Life Pokemon :D
    Yeah, old people are funny in movies, Bad Grandpa proves that xD That is a funny scene as well. Exactly, although I suppose Scarlet Witch is.... a witch. So we've got a witch as a superhero! Oh sorry, you're right, it is his whole skeleton. Scary movies don't scare you, but you were scared by a scary movie? Now that's a riddle :p I would describe Misty as a stuck up "female dog". They were some of my favourite episodes, poor Caterpie was so cute.
    I know right? I'm too cool for anything #swag ;) YES! Stan Lee cameos are the best, I like the one in The First Avenger the most: "I thought he'd be taller" xD Oh, no witches in Black Panther, just evil poachers or something like that. Yeah, adamantium is a manmade metal based off of vibranium, and its just Wolverine's claws. I heard that was a pretty scary movie, which is a reason why I don't want to see it :D "I never did like Misty" Finally! Someone that agrees, everyone seemed to love her, and I didn't think much to her.
    I know this is like nothing for you, but I stay up till like 1.00am every night anyway, because I'm so rebel like that B) Yeah, passions was a bit of an overstatement LOL. Yeah, the connections are what get me excited, the little Easter Eggs are fun to find (eg Captain America's shield in Iron Man). Wakanda is the country where Black Panther lives, and where vibranium was first founded (Cap's shield is made out of it, and it's indestructible). It was a massive meteorite, and it made the country rich, but they stopped selling it because it was overpowered. Horror movies are just stupid half the time xD My order of Pokegirls: Serena=May>Dawn>Misty>>>Iris.
    You naughty girl, staying up all night ;) Marvel is one of my main passions, other than soccer. Its just so fun knowing there are at least 2 movies coming out every year, related to the same storyline (unless its Spiderman or X-Men). Dr Strange and... Black Panther. I really want to see him in a stand-alone movie. It would be so cool to see Wakanda. I don't really like horror films, I don't know why, I just think most of them are pathetically boring. May is the best Pokegirl yet, tied with Serena :p First coordinator, didn't even like Pokemon to start with, attractive and funny. But no, they had to pair her up with Drew, another coordinator :(
    Have you just woken up then? It looks funny :p This Marvel universe is so good, Avengers will be amazing with Quiksilver, Scarlet Witch and the Vision being introduced. Can't wait for Dr Strange. Yeah, Haxorus is one of my favourite dragon types. I don't know why, but I'm always interested in the romantic subplots of shows. I think it's cute, and yeah, Ash really needs to go out with Serena, especially after missing out on May (she's mine now >:D)
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