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  • I saw that your posts there are all one-liners. Be careful, hope the mods don't see you
    Heh, you should read my fanfic. It's much better. And thank you ^_^ that link has all of the first two chapters. The third chapter is under construction, and in a different link, but if you survive the first two the link is given at the end.

    Wow, that looks interesting! That bit about emoticons was cool! I'll read more when I can.
    I write fiction, it's what I'd like to pursue as my career. I want to be a writer.
    And that's no problem! ^_^

    Also, would you like to play a game I made? (It's a text-based horror game, but not too scary.) Here is the link if you want to play it.

    Yes, I've heard about your blog. Could you give me a link?
    Me, I love reading, writing and English. I like listening to music and I play the guitar, and I like to think I draw well. Recently I've gotten into video games on both PC and my Xbox 360 as well ... One of my fears is to be called a boring person XD

    Nice to meet you too.
    I've found two from Bangalore (you and T-Bolt) and three other Indians (bleumbreon, RzK and Blany).

    No, really, this is probably the first time since first grade that I have been eager to learn. :)

    Yeah. People here in the United States are very annoying. >_<

    I know, right? I've met so many people, it's hard to keep track.
    I love your blog. It really makes things a lot more interesting then what you learn at school.

    Btw, I'm Indian too. But my mom and dad were from India, and then they moved to the US and I was born, so I guess Im only Indian through heritage and not citizenship.
    XY? Although i don't have a 3DS i will get them if i do get a 3DS as well. And I'm going to get them from www.playasia.com. They have already preorders open. They ship to India, i think. I think it will be on Flipkart but I guess it'll be costly.
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