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Last Activity:
Jul 12, 2019
May 26, 2005
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Carina was last seen:
Jul 12, 2019
    1. CowNorris
      I happen to come across some of your artworks, and I'd just like to say they were fantastic. I do realise you no longer use this forum but I'll just leave this here on the off chance you'll see it.
    2. Nightwing
      Do you remember who I am? I use to be DarkCharizard55 back then.
    3. Vycksta
      As a result of inactivity between October 10 and the time of this message, your claim on Mantyke on Claim A Pokemon 5.0 has been dropped.
    4. Nightwing
      Hm, I guess not.
    5. Nightwing
      Were you a previous member from Serebii as I Love May?
    6. Arsène
      Thanks for the accept.
    7. Blazing Charmander
      Blazing Charmander
      Yeah lol, I think that a lack of appearances from Misty has squeezed the life out of the Pokeshipping community over the past 5 or 6 years. I would imagine that our fellow fans are still out there in spirit, but there just isn't much to discuss anymore as we haven't seen Misty appear in person since the Battle Frontier saga. :/

      I was optimistic that Misty (as well as other past characters) would at least cameo at the end of DP, but the fact that she didn't as well as the reboot approach that the writers have taken with the BW series has left me a bit crestfallen. But alas, at least we still have the older episodes to rekindle our love for AAML. :D
    8. Blazing Charmander
      Blazing Charmander
      Hi Carina! I just saw your post on the new anime soundtrack CD thread and remembered back to the days of old on the older Pokeshipping threads where you and I posted. How I miss those days. The current thread isn't as much of a hive of activity as it used to be, so I don't find myself posting there myself anymore. If only Misty and the old Pokeshippers would return :(

      Loving your signature by the way (was always a fan of your drawings). One of the cutest and most undeniable AAML hints. :)
    9. Komekoro
      I'm on the WiFi Center!
    10. Celtrix
      anytime 2moro after 3:30 eastern standard time is a good time to trade for me just try and be on the forums at that time
    11. zozo
      Sorry, I've been really busy lately. I haven't had much time to be online at all.
    12. Akiza
      sorry my ds got messed up so i gotta get it fixed before i can start trading again. sorry.
    13. donphan123
      ok reply when your on
    14. donphan123
      sorry i have both but do you have a male sperow/fearow with drill peck ?
    15. donphan123
      sorry i have both but do you have a male sperow/fearow with drill peck ?
    16. donphan123
      sorry i have both but do you have a male sperow/fearow with drill peck ?
    17. donphan123
      im online now ,what cn you give me 4 a mudkip?
    18. mistygurl
      ahww yeah I <3 all that too. A lot of people I know and most of my friends hate snow though, so they're no fun in Winter:p

      Haha yeah almost as big as me! My brother made one too next to mine, and that one was definately bigger than me. But I am not that tall ^^ And when the temperature got up a little, and they started to melt, both of the snowman melted to 1, so they were a siamese twin after that haha

      Oh so you live there :O I thought you lived somewhere else. Lol sorry for that :$

      So you're an emoticon flooder too? haha yeah I can't cut down on them, I want people to know how I feel at the moment I type the sentence. Oh well call me crazy then, I don't really mind(A) ^^
    19. mistygurl
      haha I'll keep my lips sealed :P And yeah it does snow here in Winter:) We did have a rainy Winter many years ago, but all that I can remember in my 19 (almost 20) years in life, is snow. :D Last year I made the biggest snowman ever haha:p

      Yeah gotta love winter right <3

      wow I just realized I use a lot of smileys in just one message o.o
      But anyway,
      What are you doing in Australia?:D
    20. mistygurl
      Aw I'm good too :) wow you're in Australia? :o It's almost summer there now right? haha that's pretty weird since it's close to winter over here :) Are you still doing your artwork? :)
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