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  • I was 11. :3 I remember getting very into pokemon crystal version and liking my meganium a whole lot XD A few times, i even kissed him. Cuz I was a kid just starting to get into boys lol I was funny back in those days XD
    Oh alright :3 I think pokemon is the best game anyways XD How old were you when you first got into pokemon?
    Ah I see.

    What games besides pokemon do you play? I'm pretty much not even a gamer outside pokemon right now xD; Though i do want to get into games again now that its cooler.
    He soinds awesome :3 Did you ever mega evolve him? What nature was he?

    My first lucario was on my first pearl file. I don't think he had a nickname and i forget his moveset xD

    I remember crushing on the pokemon md lucario when i was playing md red. I'd daydream going on missions with him as a pikachu xD good times. Now i'm crushing on a gym leader who uses a lucario....and mega evolves him at that. Funny how that works :p
    Yay thanks :D

    Lets talk about lucarios we've raised on our pokemon games :) I've mostly used my one on y (which was gaven to me by korrina *hearts in eyes*). His move set is close combat, shadow claw, metal sound, and dragon pulse. Oh and his name is Kori-San. I kept him on my team ever since i got him :3 of course, the sweetest gym leader gave him to me..haha....
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