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  • Hey Carlisle, they have a picture of fall, So, will it going be like fall a few moths and then go to winter for few moths? That be cool, but I not getting my hopes up for that.
    Oh hello. Thanks :)

    And I see Gochiruzeru right there. What is it about this generation and showing us pokemon that would otherwise make as turn in disgust? Weirdness = awesome :D
    Nope. Same as you. I'm waiting for them to be released here in America. Man Spring 2011 is going to take forever.
    I'm getting Pokemon Black. I love fire types and Reshiram looks awesome also Black City looks great. Hey are you pre-ordering from Japan or are you waiting for the games to come out in your country.
    I don't think we were wrong to expect GameFreak to fix the problems that were present in the original. Nevertheless, as long as they don't include Hoenn or something, I don't expect them to screw up the level curve, at least not too much. After all, Platinum had a great level curve.

    And doesn't the region map look at bit... peculiar, to say the least? With the random-*** desert in the middle? :p
    Female professor = AWESOME. It's about time. :)

    I think I like all the new Pokemon! They seem a bit different from all the others, but I am sure I will get used to it. I was really surprised by the generation three Pokemon when it came out, but I came to love them. Also, I love the typing of the two mascots. Electric/Dragon is pretty rad. This game looks really promising.
    Don't get your hopes too high, Carlisle. We both thought HGSS would be the greatest thing in the world... Look how that game ended up.
    I'm very much enjoying high school, but that's probably just because before it, I was a very lonely homeschooler. I'm one of those nerds who love school, heh.

    But yeah, my freshman year has so far been better than my sophomore year too. It's weird.
    Hey, don't worry about your maturity level. Most of the 17 year olds I know are like children anyway. ...Which isn't a bad thing, of course. *cough*

    And hurr hurr. If I was 25, I wouldn't be on these forums, son. I'd be at the bar.
    Amen. Yay for productivity.

    Oh, you're only one year older than me? Wow, weird. I used to think you were like 19 going on 20. :p
    Pretty much the exact same thing. Busy, but happy. That's restless me alright.

    You mean you're not in college? HS Senior then?
    Hey Carlisle. I just realized you were on my friend list and we never talk. :p

    How's it going?
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