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  • Sorry. I have to delete several posts, including yours, at the HGSS Speculation forum. All this talk about nostalgia had to go. Sorry, had to do my job. ^___^'
    Same here. It would actually be interesting to see if they add anything new to the boat. Maybe stronger trainers, people from different regions (Sinnoh/Hoenn). Maybe Hoenn gym leaders? haha

    Hmm, I don't think Hoenn would appear in the game. Just seems really ludicrous. It'll be cool but just too much to handle.
    Hey Drudge is reporting that Hillary fractured her elbow in a fall. What is it with Prominent Democrat Women and falling this month? ~.^
    What Republicans Need to Work on: The Democrats have alot better control over the discipline of their members, as Specter is finding out. The Republicans needs to work on reigning in or replacing some of the more liberal members, ala what Congressional Republicans did on the Stimulus. The Republicans also need to come out with a clear message. "Democrats are for more spending, we are for less." "Democrats are for higher taxes, and we are for lower". They also need to back up that message with actions and results, or else the public will just see them as the slightly right leaning version of the Democratic Party that continues to have infighting.
    Oookay lets break this down.

    Utah Gov: Ummm never heard of the man, sorry, could you explain.

    GOP's Soul Searching: Its standard for a party to move around in the wilderness for a while. By 2010 the public will be hungry for a party that isn't corrupt and isn't a big spender. Or atleast by 2012, so if the GOP can return to its 90s and 80s roots of being the party of restraint, then they would be great.
    One another forum there was an Sppf rant thread. They were talking about my friends so I defended them, then it turned into a mod hate type thing. Then the mods found out. And since of them posted, it just hit the fan. But Kirby calmed me down.
    I've been dealing with a series of issues. Stomach problems that has been nagging at me for months. There's also this thing with me being lightheaded or something. I might end up needing glasses soon. And there's the whole being super stressed and having depression and anxiety. Mainly, the dizziness is my main problem. So yeah... hoping to get rid of that soon.
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