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  • Yeah, but you might start leading him into a hole.

    Nothing really, I'm by myself for a week while the rest of my family is in Florida.
    Well, I've screwed in misc. from time to time, mostly because I'm bored, but I get ragged on for doing so, so I try to cut down on it. =P

    As for me, I've still been better. Still getting better from my problems at home with my health, etc.
    Man, haven't like... seen you in ages my man. Odd of me to pop out of nowhere and crap.

    How's it?
    That's strange. Is it just the debate forum Carlisle? I usually only get that when posting visitor messages. Try asking for help in the Tech help forum.
    Thanks for bring back your page. Now I can spam it.


    See. I just abused my power as an authority figure. Whatcha gonna do about it?
    Not much, enjoying my first day of the holidays by lazying around :p

    *Still ill from the water fight I had yesterday :(*

    Sup witchyu? :)
    Thanks, I appreciate that.

    Sorry dude... I feel ya though. My stress from last year keeps getting built upon, and with school starting August 29th, I am quite nervous. The only person I can rely on at my school is my girlfriend, so I better have a lot of classes with her, otherwise my stress levels will go through the roof.

    Anyways, same goes for me, drop me a pm to chat.
    Eh, I don't know. I have some weird depression/stress disorder I'm to lazy to get help for, and it's making college a nightmare for me.

    As long as it's the gay Satan from South Park.
    It's not that I don't joke, it's that I don't take anything seriously. If it wasn't for my "cheap gimmick", I never would have done well in school.

    Just next time you're out at a party with alcohol, just pay attention to the drunkest person there. Something good will happen eventually.

    And the 7th layer of hell is not that bad compared to the others.
    The weird thing is I'm still Christian, yet make fun of the religion as much as the average atheist.

    And I find it much more enjoyable to watch drunk people than getting drunk. Nothing's funnier watching a man argue with a house plant.

    And I found that out by taking an online test based on Dante's inferno.
    Well I had to go to a Catholic school on weekends for 8 years, and every week or so I would go to the pastor's office for saying something that offended God.

    I've never had sex or done drugs, I read the statement wrong, but I used to drink until I realized it wasn't all it's cracked up to be.

    And I've already accepted that I'm going to hell. Apparently I'm going to the 7th layer.
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