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  • Most of the stuff you lied about when you came here fit me. Minus the parents having really expensive cars.
    Looking at your post in the "When you were new to SPPf" thread I noticed most the stuff you listed either applied to me or could be changed slightly to fit me. I have nothing more to that story.
    I would enjoy that, Carlisle!

    Oh, I'm sorry to hear you've got some stressful things going on. Glad to hear you're fine anyway.
    ^_^ Hi there, Carlisle. It's rare that we ever talk, isn't it?

    I'm as dandy as an English crumpet, by the way. And you?
    Nice to hear from ya! Sadly, no...life continues to migrate further and further to the shitter for me. Just trying to make the best of it.

    What about you?
    Ha! Mods can see all deleted threads/posts and can even choose to restore them or not. Again, the FAQ isn't complete at all in regard to moderators. =/

    Anyway, my birthday was yesterday and it was quite fun. I turned 17. =)
    Wait, do you want me to respond? Your deleting all your visitor messages. x_x
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