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  • Thanks. :D I don't want to buy one derectly from you or anything. But if you can find a site that will ship it to the US then that would be great.
    I'm not 100% sure. But if Korean B/W games are somehow region locked for DS phat then they would be the first games I've heard of that are like that. Even Japanese B/W games were only region locked if you played them on a DSi or 3DS.
    okay well I went to Psych class and idk this teacher is just awesome, she makes me think about what i want in my life and all that, I'm still confused as ever though, she said that the thing we want to become the most was the thing we played as a child, like if you played Cops and robbers and you played as a cop, thats what you really want to do deep down, Sociology is fun we discuss all sorts of things, we talked about people who get married with large age gaps, i mean in a sense i do believe that Love doesn't have a #, and if its not hurting anyone then do what you like, but when it comes to a 75 year old man getting together with a 25 year old women, i just keep thinking, that man was having sex way before you were born. English i was asked if i was gay, which doesn't bother me much cuz i've always been asked that, but i'm not though *shrugs* i always feel weird answering, i think its cuz i'm a nice kind person :/ oh and my firend got tickets to go to a premier in NY but we can't go >< so yea lol hi :3
    you know how i want to make a doubles team, well i stumbled upon a great team on here but i need help revamping it to the new metagame and maybe have a different spin on it
    That would be really great if you could, and I see that you may want help with EV Training in your Smogon Shop.

    My FC is 5157 2956 2542 Trainer Name: Monica

    And my Timezone is +0.

    I won't be active so much on weekdays due to school (I am not active until 4PM in my timezone) , but I wouldn't mind helping you EV your Pokémon. I am EspeonX on Smogon.
    this sounds good Joltik ♂ | Lv. 25 UT | Chargestone Cave
    Timid | Compoundeyes | 31/x/30/31/31/31 | HP Ice 70
    Fury Cutter | Electroweb | Bug Bite | Gastro Acid
    lol i don't give up easily to tell the truth i've been on wifi since i got home LOL but if your not on in 10 okay
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