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    So yeah apparently no one read my clan post of not having a computer and not being able to go on chat... *face + wall = ouch*
    Lol, boy you sure know how to cut the tension with a giant butter knife don't ya? Anyway I offered to have the points retracted and I'll gladly rematch you for them using a team that better suits your taste :p
    Trying to be neutral and being neutral are to different things, a neutral statement would be something such as, "I thought you could only have one points battle in a day?". But when you talk about me in the third person in a way that implys I did something wrong by asking for points, that I earned fair-and-square with my "BP heavy team that starts with a ninjask", and then have the audacity to say if you're changing the rule thats fine. Yeah you were being rude. This makes one wonder if you don't care about the rule why'd you even bring it up in the first place?

    And regarding your comment on my team, yeah its bp heavy, thats because its a "baton pass team", I don't use smogon to build my teams or choose my pokemon or movesets, my team works well and requires skill to make work. I could've just used a pure bp gliscor and a scizor or jirachi for a sweeper like every other team that utilizes baton pass, but I wanted my team to be less predictable. A lot of people if not every opponent I've faced don't expect a 5-1 baton pass team and by the time they realize it theres nothing they can do. Which is alot more unique then cramming a team with a bunch of pokemon with smogon movesets that work well together because smogon says so. I have actually gotten a lot of compliments from people for that team. So coming from a person that abuses sickeningly standard combos such as sleeptalking suicune is laughable at best. You have no right to downplay my team.
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