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Recent content by cascade88

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    What is your ringtone?

    My ringtone is Hysteria by Muse.
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    Favorite fast food restaurant?

    Definitely Taco Bell.. though, Subway is also a favorite.
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    Remakes: What's the Point of Them?

    It can be used to (a) draw in new fans to the franchise, (b) attempt to recapture the original 'magic' that came with the first entry into any given series, or because (c) they were bored/lacked originality. I don't think remakes are always a bad thing, but generally, they're not as needed...
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    Daaaave, can you please post in your memberxfictional character thread or something?

    Daaaave, can you please post in your memberxfictional character thread or something?
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    Pokemon Game or Show, Which one would you prefer??

    I like both, but I like the games more. I used to prefer the Anime, to be honest, but I kind of grew out of caring as much, eventually.
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    New Starter Types?

    I think it'd be neat to get an Eevee as a starter. If the Evolution stones were easier to get earlier on (and you could access Eterna Forest somehow) then you could (if you so desired) simply evolve it into a grass, water or fire type (amongst others).
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    Zelda games...and technology?

    It sounds both cool and not so great at the same time, somehow. I think a lot of the appeal of the franchise (to me personally at least) is the setting, how far back in time it generally is set. I like that you have a sword and ride a horse and light torches as opposed to other methods, so in...
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    What's your favorite toy?

    Legos, and Matchbox cars. I played with both all the time when I was a kid.
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    What happened to Dawn's Catch Phrase?

    They probably just sorta eventually forgot about it being all that important. Kinda like the Dee-Dee/Pikari thing...
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    What your favorite manga and why?

    Mirai Nikki. It's crazy, twisty (not to mention twisted), and so far has failed to lose my interest. I love it.
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    Is it on your iPod?

    Nope "One Week" --Bare Naked Ladies?
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    Animals that aren't Pokémon yet v3

    I don't think there's a tiger Pokemon yet. Unless there OBVIOUSLY is and my mind's just overlooking it.
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    Review the Last Movie you Watched

    Jacob's Ladder (finally) 10/10 The movie was everything a good movie (of this genre) should be. It was creepy, had a fair share of scares, but not over-the-top with them. It kept you interested throughout, and had a great, emotionally evocative storyline. It reminded me immensely of...
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    Never Mind the Bullocks, Here's the What are You Listening to Thread

    "Need You Now" --Lady Antebellum