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  • Hey, remember how you asked me if I had a Griseous Orb for trade? Well, I just got one in stock in my shop, and I was wondering if you were still interested in it.
    I always liked how Cynthia's team was so well-rounded. And hey, if two Dark-types is redundant then I suppose that makes Alder a full-on Bug specialist, at least in BW. :p

    Ah, the Hero Badge; I quite like that. It has a really nice ring to it.

    However, I have to sleep now, but I'll be back on tomorrow of course. :)
    Hmm, that's a good question, and honestly I've never given it much thought, but I do agree that it would probably be a Steel-type. Actually, now that you mention it, my whole team probably wouldn't be a far cry away from Colress', since he uses several of my favorite Steel-types. However, if I had to pick one main Pokémon, then I suppose I would choose... either Klinklang, Escavalier, or Metagross (preferably a Shiny one, since I love Metagross' Shiny coloration, but if not, I can deal). Though now you've gotten me curious; what about you?

    Also, I appreciate the compliment. ^_^
    I tend to not think about details like that all too closely, but if I had to guess, I'd say that they gauge the Challenger's strength based on their battles with the Gym Trainers.
    Moving the discussion here because it's kinda off-topic. :p

    Anyway, I don't even think that there's really an established order for the Gym Leaders. Like how you battle Fantina third in Platinum, despite her being fifth in the Badge Case. And if they have multiple teams to deal with Trainers on varying levels, then theoretically, somebody like Drayden could battle a Trainer from Nuvema and give them their eighth badge and then turn around and battle someone from Lacunosa and give them their first. I think the "4th Gym Leader, 7th Gym Leader, etc." stuff is just an application of the player's perspective. So to answer your question, all they really have to do is earn their license to run a Gym and their in business; assuming they have their adaptable teams ready, they can be Tim's 3rd Gym Leader and Sally's 6th.
    This kind lady that has been coming to visit me and the doctors plan to help me with my anxiety (which I developed in middle school). So I can go back to school and go out in public alone. Home schooling is an option we tried. I actually want to go to a school with people so I can make some friends. :(

    Thank You very much I wish the best for you as well!!
    That is so sweet of you to defend your friend! I had others make fun of me too when I was back in school. It got so bad i couldn't even finish school...

    I'm glad we can be friends! If you ever want to talk I'm here! :D
    Hello there, I seen a post of yours in the "Characters Speculation/Discussion Thread" in Pokemon X and Y you were defending feminine boys. Well, I appreciate that since I am a feminine boy! You're really nice, I hope we can be friends! ^_^
    Might explain why animation in the U.S. still lags behind others places by a bit. No mature subjects allowed = More kid friendly shows. At least things are slowly improving in that department.
    English dub first then the subs. Overall I think that I would have to give the edge to the Card Captors sub (for being a bit closer to the creators original intentions) but really, I like both of them!
    Yeah, that's the same with most Ninja things. Being Ninja-related they tend to be, well, Ninja-like, hard to find and stuff. Our security is a pretty controversial issue in the community, but meh, there's always issues.
    Well, that was the start of Round 3 (there are seven rounds) and literally that's how it started. It was the quickest KO in the entire tournament, so I was told.
    It was, iirc, the quarter-finals of the 2011 Kayankyuín, which is, if you don't know, a fairly prestigious Ninja Tourment held every two years.
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