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  • btw do you do battles? specifically double or triple battles ( don't have a single battle team yet. i am still working on it )?
    yeah. i have been on battle me, trade shops, school discussion, pokemon arena and things to insignificant that it is not worth listing but no i have not been on the whatever thread you just said that i am to lazy to go to my profile and see what you said. ill check it out soon!
    The message you have entered is too short. Please lengthen your message to at least 10 characters... gosh i hate that! i just want to send :) or lol but that thing keeps popping up. it should get a life not ruin mine!
    I might be desperate for this but i don't have enough online friend and i want more because i feel neglected and unpopular [ :( ]. i was just looking at random posts and stuff and friends of friends and their friends and i found you. by your friend list you seem popular and i don't have any girls on my friends list which is even more degrading. so... after my sad story will you please be my friend. if not you are a terrible person ( just kidding) if yes yay!!!

    GIMP, though you can basically use any image-editing program out there. But to make an animation (like the one that alternates between the Pari-Parfait and the Pungent Herb), you can't use Microsoft Paint.
    I made the frames myself.
    It's quite easy, actually. Just get the information down (though you have to paste the letters one by one), and arrange the information in a nice little frame. :)
    Well that sucks :'( the manga went much further by any chance to you know offhand if chapter 53 of the English manga is out online yet I am at the part where shiro is the wretched egg and she meets with ganta the weird guy with all the branch' of sin is being operated on by that girl who wants to shoot him and who in return would kill her it stopped at a cliffhanger
    I don't like them at all, but compared to the other Flying-Types, I'd use Sigilyph, before somebody tells me to use Swoobat. Ugh. Or Female Unfezant for the 15th time.
    Yea, I guess. ^^

    I hate Golurk, and I wouldn't waste my breath on Hydreigon or Volcorona until post-game. *Why couldn't Emolga just learn HM Fly?!?!?!*
    I got the Avatar from the Pokewood section, but for some reason it looks like it disappeared? And I tried looking for Mei's version but I couldn't find it.
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