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  • Hey cass! I know you'll be late to see this, but I'm on pokecommunity now. I keep forgetting to tell you since I got no friends on there. Same username and all. And if I'm not online for a while anywhere, including darkspyro and every other site I'm on, an if I don't respond to any emails or google hangout messages (especially by the time school starts on te 20th for me and after I get my laptop), then I am most likely grounded, or didn't make it through a school day. Or I'm too depressed to get online or anything.

    Bottom Line is, I love you with all my hear, and I wish you a good life as a good time wherever you may be or are. Jesus loves you, and so do I. I would really want to talk to you again sometime, and hopefully soon, or maybe even RP. First old one, and newest. As well as the one I've started a thread on for my own forum... Hope be filled. I wish you a more AWESOMER life. You have always been a more AWESOMER friend to me...

    I wish to see how your fanfics go, especially the one on here. It's inspired me a little...

    ~~ spyrois2cool, aka, Cory...
    Okaaay, added some more sites and now I think everything is good to go (I hope to see you on them if you can! :3)

    Hahahahaha, that video... XD

    Go, Kirby, go! X3
    THIS is how you do the real Kirby Dance. Subliminal messaging activated!



    (>•Â°0°•)> <(•Â°0°•<) \(•Â°0°•)/

    EDIT: This is Dr. Ciel if you didn't know.
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