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Last Activity:
Mar 21, 2017
Apr 14, 2007
Likes Received:
February 17
Heart shaped box

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Goddess of Mischief, from Heart shaped box

Cassiel was last seen:
Mar 21, 2017
    1. honey_clover112
      omg omg I live, dood, I live *crai* And HG/SS is smex, yus.
    2. Alkaide
      Sorry for not responding, school is bleh =/ Anyway lol, yeah I used to be ICE CUBED. God I was such a noob back then lol. What was yours?
    3. Yuppirox
      Ah, np. :P

      I'm happeh that you made that club. I was too lazy to start one. XD I wanted to be first poster... ;~; -brick'd-

      and thanks. :3
    4. Shining-Platinum
      OMG Are you from Asia!!? or do u come from asia? :O
    5. Shining-Platinum
      Morty is the smexxx ;D
    6. Mel-Girl
      Just dropping by to say I would love to be a co-owner and I'll make a proper post later seeing as I'm at school right now. Yay! 83
    7. Shining-Platinum
      Thanks for making me a co-owner of the Kotone club :3
      Can I just ask if I can add people into the club? :D
    8. Alkaide
      Hey, I definitely remember you way back from like... 2006? But, you got a name change, right? I feel like your old username is on the tip of my tongue, but I can't remember it >.<

      Unless I have the wrong person. Either way, thanks for the add =D
    9. Xashlei
      Aww, high school AUGH. Well it's okay, we'll survive with the power of... uh... idk. :B
    10. Xashlei
      Been mean actually, ;__; Lotsa quizzes coming up, oh boy. It's been rather boring, other than my daily dosage of Hetalia. How's you?
    11. Mel-Girl
      Forgot to add: you seem pretty awesome yourself. (:
    12. Mel-Girl
      aw thanks, thanks. X3 And yes yes yes it is! I've seen videos on nico nico douga where they have the PokeSpecial girls in the K-On OP too. I was searching for Soul fanart and then that bopped up and I had to make a banner out of it, lol. X3

      Damn, I'm getting so many reminders lately that I need to finish watching and downloading K-on. Having an ipod that can store anime pwns. Been getting Hetalia, Toradora, Haruhi and more. 8DDD
    13. Mel-Girl
      lol noticed that you friend requested me! X3 Seen ya round so was fine with adding ya. :D

      I see you have some other epic people on the f-list. 8D

      aka my way of saying hi
    14. Xashlei
      F-F-Finaaaaally~~ It's been almost 3 months? Haha;;
    15. Xashlei
      ........!! Where are you? D:
    16. raglflagl
      Hello Karin, I know you're on. :}

    17. ChloboShoka
      YAYZ the smexiness of Franzy. =D GS4 made me giggle. Ema was funny, Trucy was fun and I roared out with laughter at Payne. xP
      I know right?~ Ema is an amazing character. <3 I don't get bothered with age gaps much. Kay looks adorable. <3

      Dahlia is one wicked Villain.
    18. Pokemaniac Erika
    19. ChloboShoka
      YAY GS5~
      I'll be hoping for some more Franzy. =D
    20. ChloboShoka
      I know. =D.
      I've been playing on Apollo Justice yesterday and found myself a new OT3. I love AJ, Ema makes me laugh and I bursted out laughing at Payne's hair. =3 Ema x Trucy x Apollo.
      Trucy x Apollo = Hotness
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    February 17
    Heart shaped box
    Favourite Pokémon:
    nothing's really special. i'm fairly ordinary ❤ profile pic © volkner @ lj.

    Graphics, fangirling, anime, music, etc.


    i'm in shock e-electric shock!

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