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Last Activity:
Mar 21, 2017
Apr 14, 2007
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February 17
Heart shaped box

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Goddess of Mischief, from Heart shaped box

Cassiel was last seen:
Mar 21, 2017
    1. ChloboShoka
      I'm waiting for Gyakuten Kenji's English release. =D My mum wouldn't let me import.
      Kenji seems really awesome. 8D
    2. Mr. Yoshi
      Mr. Yoshi
      wtf, the thinker lollipop.


      i g2g, btw. bye.

      and yes, i love alita. )8 too bad she turned to be a [SPOILER]
    3. Mr. Yoshi
      Mr. Yoshi
      no one cared for dahlia anyway ):<
      she was such a crybaby.
    4. Mr. Yoshi
      Mr. Yoshi
      But Ema hates Klavier. I'd like to see some Klavier x Daryan pls.
    5. Mr. Yoshi
      Mr. Yoshi

      Probably a more grown-up Trucy? O: But Phoenix, like, died or summin' 'cause he can't afford the rent. Trucy and Apollo end up living with Lamiroir. Lamiroir ends up marrying ... the Judge.

      /idk tbh
    6. Mr. Yoshi
      Mr. Yoshi
      I think the Blue Badger is only the Gavinner's mascot 'cause they're all policemen. And in PW1, the mascot of the police people was the Blue Badger, right? o3o

      I guess Oldbag's a policewoman, too, so she can be the Pink Badger >:
    7. Mr. Yoshi
      Mr. Yoshi
      I think he just uses a lot of hairspray. O zone layer ;;

      Also, Oldbag's the Pink Badger. Didn't know until now. Was looking through Court Records.
    8. Mr. Yoshi
    9. Mr. Yoshi
      Mr. Yoshi
      owait, meekins returns in gyakuten kenji, not saiban )x he's the blue badger.
      i didn't know there was a gyakuten saiban five. g-gah. i'm so not updated ):<

      daryan's hair... i can't even describe it. at first, i thought it was one of those flat hairdos, but when he turned his head, i was like wtfdildo
    10. Mr. Yoshi
      Mr. Yoshi
      Meekins returns <3

      I wish, like, Olga comes back )8
    11. Mr. Yoshi
      Mr. Yoshi
      But Kristoph at the last case was just epic.

      Super saiyan.
    12. Mr. Yoshi
      Mr. Yoshi
      I like it when Klavier air guitars.

      Very sexy.
    13. Pokemaniac Erika
      Pokemaniac Erika
      Hey, wanna join Indonesian pokemon forum? Tell me if you're interested and I'll tell you where ;]
    14. Capi
      Thanks bb~ Maybe I will. :o
    15. ChloboShoka
      Was tidying my room up today, man I found a lot of magazines, notes, old fan fics, stories ect. I felt too attached to thrown them away. XD
    16. raglflagl
      My spam is no longer on this page. I am sad ):
    17. Capi
      It died, I thought it'd be better if I opened up another one after I was a little bit more experienced. D:
    18. Xashlei
      D'aww, thanks. Though I feel like I missed my fourteenth birthday, wth. Soon we'll be in college, getting jobs and-- *sob*
    19. Sunraichu
      Someone else said that, actually! It does remind me of Happy Tree Friends. But lol they scare me so much. o///o

      can I add you on msn, btw? 8)
    20. ChloboShoka
      Thanks. Hopefully I will. =D
      I know right, was in pain. Carry heavy stuff is hard work but thankfully my shoulders are better now. =D
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    February 17
    Heart shaped box
    Favourite Pokémon:
    nothing's really special. i'm fairly ordinary ❤ profile pic © volkner @ lj.

    Graphics, fangirling, anime, music, etc.


    i'm in shock e-electric shock!

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