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  • Hi there i noticed you visited my profile oh yeah thats right i left you that message a few months back so yeah and p.s. Koopas are awesome
    Hi nice name wait a sec you seem familair lets you like bowser your name sounds familair wait are you the Castlerwars guy from Neoseeker? sorry for the random message
    And how on earth did Ethan (one of the mods) get banned? I thought mods were immune.
    One of the most insane days in SPPf history.

    *He hacked Serebii's account and changed his avatar into a penis.
    *He gave away the password to the Anon_Smod, leading to random users having access to its account. Lots of people got banned, including mods.
    *He deleted popular threads in misc.

    Apparently, he couldn't put up with the staff and the people that finger-pointed him for Misc being a bad section.

    ^^^ That.

    My post doesn't give you an answer to what's wrong with your game, but it does confirm that your Super Mario Advance 4: SMB3 cart is a real game. I provided links both from Google and GameSpot in my post in your thread.

    You could also call your local (if you have one) GameStop and ask if the game can be ordered. Nothing says you really have to order the game, just ask them if it can be ordered, and bought either as new, or unused.
    Order in what sense?
    Chronological? Yes.
    In which game is better? Superstar Saga>Bowser's Inside Story>Partners in Time.
    So you meant in what order you like them, rather than chronologically?
    please refrain from posting in Gen 1 forum threads if you are only repeating answers that have already been given, especially when the threads are dying and you are close to bumping them. If a question has been answered, you do not need to answer it again, and if the thread is dying, you do not have to revive it, especially if it has been close to 30 days since the last post (in which case you would be breaking the rules on Bumping). Thank you. :>

    Sorry, haven't been on in a while, if you are still wondering what a clan is, a clan is a group of trainers that train and battle other groups and among themselves.
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