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  • really, i'll accept fodder. and, i wouldn't laugh at you, that's mean. is there any preferences you would like your pichu to have?
    Remorph sent out Chuck Norris! Chuck Norris uses Roundhouse Kick! It's a one hit KO! It's super effective! All of your pokemon fainted!
    Hi new friend! Thanks for the add! :)

    Oh and for the False Swipe thing, I know about the usefulness for catching Pokémon, I just didn't know Swadloon could learn it and never really thought of Leavanny as a Pokémon that makes catching easier.

    Hope to see you around the forums, and let me know if you need help with anything! :)
    Thanks for the FR

    I see you're a MLP fan. Think you'd like to know I'm going as PP for Halloween

    Ah, I see. Thanks for clearing that up.

    My pony of choice is Rarity lol.
    Hi there~! I saw your welcome topic earlier. Usually I post a reply in there, but I'll be formal and say hello here~! :D
    Hey, no, I gladly satisfy curiosity, in fact I partly work for a non profit so I like to talk about it because there's enough people affected by it and they have a hard time having others accept their limitation (one seems a normal person and healthy, except you need opiate patches sometimes to be able to move, so it is really an issue)

    I have post traumatic stress syndrome which causes strong somatic symptoms, some call it fibromyalgia (it is a controversial diagnosis though). What is sure, I have myofascial oversensitivity. here's a wiki link if it helps: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myofascial_pain_syndrome

    I hope it is not TMI. Thanks for asking.

    What's your pony of choice, may I ask? ;)
    Hey fellow brony person. I was reading one of your posts in the Grinding Gears thread and I just wondering what causes you to be in pain like you do? It's fine if you don't want to talk about it, I was just curious.
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