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  • Hiiii cavan. My year has been fine so far, except quarterly assessments are going on now in school so I've been trying to keep up with studying. But restricting things like video games is proving to be quite difficult. ;___; How about you, 2010 been going smoothly?
    Hey Cavan. I've been thinking: how about I continue the Punch-Out lessons over here, but we communicate through PM, so awl can't destroy them?

    And an apology you have deserved for a long while: I apologize for holding that vendetta against you & ignoring your posts a while back.
    Although I do now have 32+ Sunkerns, my ranch is much too big to put all those little guys together staring at the camera.
    (You should get some pictures shortly. also, If you want a Sunkern I'll gladly trade).
    I'm "Bord".

    (inside joke)

    I'm working on making lots of little SUnkern babies. 32 is Sunkern's base stats, right? (I think you know where this is going).
    Oh, phew... I was about to wonder, didn't we already friend each other? I was worried I'd somehow lost ya! =P
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