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  • That's good, all but your vacation ending. Better than no vacation at all.

    Just wanted to check b/e some people might have some weird issue with being on people's sigs. o_O I don't see why though.
    Well everyone gets busy, so no problem. ^_^ I'm doing well, I saw a very good friend of mine today after a long period of being separated. Yourself?

    Just a question, do you mind if I put you on my sig? I'm re-doing it, and I very much have to have my pair on it.
    However, I think you'll receive it after a short period of time. It's happened with Affirmative.

    if you didn't, though, I'll re-send them. I also send them to awl, TLK, and my other Brawl friends.

    By the way, did you get the Brawl replays?
    One of them is me (playing as the Ice Climbers) in wifi, the other demonstrates the IC's infinite chaingrab.
    Sounds like a nice idea, i suppose you haven't had a lot of time to see your friends with exams and everything.

    It will be nice for you to catch up.
    Cel: That is for me to know and you to find out. (Visitor message Karia Argon when you find out... If you get the right answer, he will post it in his signature...)
    I'm sure these little characters would find an excellent destiny in your hands, Cavan II. (Especially since I'm too lazy to ever do anything big with them. ^_^; )
    Chibi Profesco happens to be the conscience and intellect of his small social circle, which is made up of him and his cousins, Protojay (the popular one) and Baaron (the strong one). He must constantly endure their mischievous antics, and fix the problems they create. Because of this, chibi Profesco is eternally in a state of comical frustration.
    Sorry for the late reply, Cavan II. =( I've been enlisted to help with the Pokemon Claiming thread, and it's a daunting task. Anyway, it's nice to hear from you. ^_^

    And that pixel drawing in my profile is a chibi Profesco, of course. =P Lol, not my best work...
    Ah well, I'm glad you're there now. ^_^

    I get so used to being friends with people here, I guess I just assume they're in that list already. I should know this version of vBulletin isn't advanced enough to be controlled by our thoughts.
    How was I not already on your friend list? o_O

    I swear, Cavan II, I've been discovering so many people are not in my friend list when I thought they were a looooong time ago. Lord Scalgon, you, someone else I already forgot... >_>;
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