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  • About Omanyte and Carvanha: I breed them at some point. I have a lot of breeding requests so may take some time. But I try to get them before weekend.
    all these are hacks
    Shiny Dialga 6IV, Adamant
    Shiny Mew 6IV, Sassy nature
    Shiny Giratina 6IV, Lonely nature
    Shiny Deoxys 6IV, Sassy nature
    Shiny Darkrai 6IV, Serious nature
    Shiny Lugia 6IV, Docile nature
    there is no perfect iv spread for gen 3. gen 4 only 4 natures can have perfect ivs and serious,docile,lonely and adamant aren't any of them
    Yes Kevin24 i know that, if there is anyone who wants to trade anyway they are welcome.. I know persons that want that Genesect but the offers is not so good :(
    your genesect is hacked. it cannot be renamed from japanese to english without hacking. also shiny 6iv sassy mew is a hack as well/ there are no perfect iv spreads is 3rd gen
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