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  • If you haven't seen or heard yet we got trailer for GTA 5. And what is even more exciting? Its Los Santos one more time. I am so pumped up for it. I might buy a console for it or maybe I would just upgrade my PC who has been asking for it for a long time.
    Those guys aren't gym leaders for nothing. If you remember the times Brock battled, like that tag battle with Ash using Steelix and Donphan against Charizard and Aggron, you'll realise that the first gyms aren't push overs. Even Roark. Remember how good he was? Or Falkner, his Pigeot made Charizard sweat. Games =/= anime guys. All gyms are powerful.
    Steelix and Donphan vs Charizard and Aggron? When was this? What episode?

    Note: I skipped most of Hoenn.
    You can ask me about the events. I can tell you. I would have discussed it in the topic but they'll kill me for the commentry.
    Well its simple once to get the hold of it. First start the item finder and it will turn you into the direction of item(if it doesn't and still beeps then you are standing on the item). Now when you are aligned in the direction of the item, keep moving in that direction and at each step keep pressing A(the main button). If the landscape ends then again start the item finder. It is little tricky at the start but after that it gets easy.
    As you are going to challenge E4, so don't forget to level up your Pokemon upto 55-60 level. And you can also catch Magmar in sevii islands which come in handy. Don't forget to catch the Moltres too which is useful as well.
    In FireRed there was no Pikachu in Viridian Forest(I think it was version exclusive) so I had to work my way with different Pokemon. Anyways you are going right. Cut is on S.S.Anne. A person will give it to you who I think is a cook. You can always check Bulbapedia for help. It nice and easy.
    I guess you started with Charmander because everyone who start with it gets the same problem. I lost to her maybe three four times but don't save that cause you will lose money for that. In my case I used a Pidgey at same level as Misty's Starmie. I reduced its HP with some Pokemon like Oddish first and then took it down with Pidgey.
    Then it is fine. I had a friend whose game didn't saved and he had problem after Elite 4. Its nice that you are playing Leaf Green. We can have a battle when you are finished.
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