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  • hello, its me again.
    whilst posting on darkdragontamer's profile, i noticed that you had commented their about your likes of pokémon. I would like to say that i also share your opinions, i like umbreon too! and the others.
    anyway, would you like to be friends? (i shall send you a friend request)
    Chapter 17 is nearly 50 pages long on Microsoft Word. Remember, Kelly was rebelling during a lot of this time, and much of the frustration that she had at...everything spoke to her promiscuity.

    You got the three sisters and I should clarify that Savannah was the name of the mother and Sandra the name of the daughter. And there is not a guy on the list. Just read the next chapter and you will know that Kelly was NOT talking about a guy when she mentioned a 'Ryan'. There's a big reason why she doesn't want people to know about this encounter.

    Continue to enjoy it, CB!
    That's one of my personal favorite moments of the story. It's one of the true human aspects that I love when I explore the imperfect person that Kelly is in 'Confession'.

    Everyone always says that I have a way with words and I would like to become a successful writer one day. I just need to work at it, but if I can drive you and others to tears through this and other stories, I'll be well on my way to success! Thanks and enjoy the rest!
    You're talking about chapter 13, I believe. Yes, it is quite eventful, and I like to picture what happens in my head, as well. ^__^

    If all goes well, the next chapter of 'All Roads' will be posted on Wednesday.
    Hiya. It's Sinnohdragon here, writer of Card Tamer.
    Thanks for the huge compliment :)
    Would you like me to add you to the PM list?
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