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  • Oh I see! Yes they want to get the world without disturbance this time! Well Ash and Dawn better be careful! And it would be wise from their parts to let their friends known that something like that could happened so and the others to be prepared! Oh pour people of Alola! There's no saviory from Jigglypuff`s song! Is that good that Hansen will make Guzma his second?
    Ah depressed ex members of Team Rocket! That's even worse! It makes them more dangerous and unpredictable! I hope Ash and Dawn won't have problem to deal with them!
    I haven't watch Little Pony so I don't know the episode! Sorry!
    Oh no Team Rocket again? Apparently you can't get rib of them! And Lusamine won't be bad till she has to be, kinda like the impression she gives you now in the anime!
    Actually no, I can't see the connection between those two! As for the movie I might watch it but not before the other week when I'll visit my country's capital because where I live there are any cinema theater! Sorry about the waiting!
    So you're saying that there was no reason to creat another evil team which will bring misbalance in the world when you already have you solved that problem!
    Ah I used to watch My Little Pony but it has been years from that time!! Oh it's present here too! I didn't know that the movie was that good and had so many lessons for the kids! That's a reliefe to know that cartoons can be still entertaining and teaching things to young kids!
    Oh awesome!!! Have you post somewhere your story? I would love to read it!
    HAHA I'm dying to see Trio to have theirs own restaurant! I'm sure they will do fine! And I'm glad that Ash and Dawn hepled everybody out!
    Ah Clemont and Serena deserve theirs own happy ending! I'm sure Bonnie will be excited to have Serena as sister in low!
    Oh really? Why you desided to leave Lysandre out of TF arc?
    WOW! You really have create your own cartoon based of pearlshipping? I have to watch/read it!
    Your scenario about Unova sounds really interesting! I have only one question where is the TR Trio in all that?
    As for Alola I like tha idea Ash and Dawn to have achive their goals and trying to shelted down criminal organizations around the world! With their experience it won't be very difficult! I haven't play the games so I don't know exactly Lusamine's interaction with Team Skull, but I would love to hear your thoughts about it! And no I don't know those ponies from which cartoon they are?
    I also have another question what about Kalos? You won't use its plot at all?
    Hi ccangelopearl1362! Yes and I accepted it!!! Nice to meet you! Oh I would love to hear your thoughts! I haven't take it too far away!! I'm not really good with that!! But I would loved it if the writers have brough Ash and Dawn together once more!! It's really shame that they ended it!!!
    All I know is those riots didn't help leverage tension... Anyway I'm doing pretty well, stressed, but still good
    All is well here thanks. Preparing for the last exam on my Accounting course tomorrow, as well as hopefully having Omega Ruby delivered a day early which would be very nice to return home to! I hope you're well too amigo. :)
    I'd be happier of I was getting responses to my rebuttals. I'm starting to think SS is ignoring things that SS can't refute.

    Your references don't bother me.
    I think I disagreed with almost all of Maedar's claims. He never could admit to being wrong about anything. Even if I could provide a citation that showed how he was wrong.
    Fine. I actually finished my first Amour fic today. It's a nice feeling to finally finish a story you've been working on for over a year.
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