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Sep 16, 2019
Jun 6, 2008
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ccangelopearl1362 was last seen:
Sep 16, 2019
    1. darklord18
      i am good thanks
    2. Janovy
      I'm doing well, how about you? ^^
    3. darklord18
      good morning
    4. PokeMaster366
      From my perspective, Sinnoh could probably be considered the closest we've ever gotten to the manga. Ideally, I would've wanted Ash to meet Tobias in Canalave and watch him capture the Darkrai there (that same episode would also be used to give Tobias some exposition and make him more dynamic so that his presence at the league isn't a total ***-haul). That's just a start on the changes I would've made to Sinnoh, and if you want to see some of the changes I would've made to Unova, feel free to check out my fanfic called "The Truth Beneath the Iris" (There's a link in my sig and it's on fanfiction.net). If you want to hear more, just let me know.

      BTW, I love Lucky Star, and I also heard that MLP is getting a manga in Japan. It's nice to know that the cuteness is spreading around the world.
    5. ~Demon Maxwell~
      ~Demon Maxwell~
      I see... well, keep researching, I suppose; it seems you love to do that and do it well.

      Right. Understood...
    6. PokeMaster366
      You know how in FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Ed and Winry are often at each others throats with the occasional slapstick in the form of the guy getting half-killed with a wrench, yet Winry still shows that he cares for Ed. I like to think of Ash and Iris having the same relationship, but are either too stupid to notice it or too scared to openly admit it yet.

      Ash and Dawn have already given the impression that they are good friends from the beginning. The only times that you've seen them argue with one another was during the arbitrary "The Bicker, The Better" episode and when Ash does something really, really stupid.

      If Ash and Dawn were to have a first date, I would easily imagine it being at a restaurant or a quiet picnic, but if it were a first date between Ash and Iris, the first thing that would come to mind is a playdate in a forest (ideally, the forest Iris played in when she was still living in the Village of Dragons) surrounded by dozens of Pokémon. With Negaishipping, you would be more likely to get action up the butt, and the conflicts would be moreso external; however, with Pearlshipping, the main thing would be internal conflicts (which we actually got some of in the canon material with Dawn in her slump and Ash feeling bad after his first 6 vs. 6 against Paul at Lake Valor). Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Pearlshipping, too, but internal conflicts are harder to pull off than external conflicts. If the character is too troubled by external conflicts, he just becomes another Ichigo Kurosaki or Tomoya Okazaki (a stagnant, samey character whose only defining traits are how much he cares for his friends and how much life has spat on him), but if he's not troubled enough, he seems like an arrogant ***hole.
    7. darklord18
      i am fine thanks for asking
    8. Adelaide1994
      I believe that the new PearlShippers are the key to starting a whole new era. One generation gives into the enxt. It's all cyclic :).
    9. ~Demon Maxwell~
      ~Demon Maxwell~
      Well, it seems that people value it in different ways. Are you researching this, or merely happened to stumble upon some loud opinions on the internet? I find it interesting that some people can be so dedicated to an anime as to treat it as "a way of life"... it really gets me curious as to what those people's values are and just how in tune they are with the real world. Or maybe I have the wrong end of the stick and they simply come away from the anime with apparent life lessons... but personally, I question their place in general, everyday life. It doesn't seem plausible to me to be SO interested in an anime and so dedicated to it without some kind of lack of something else in life...

      I have a question, actually, and it's a tad more personal: Do you like talking to me? It's just, sometimes I get the impression that I am not clever enough to converse properly with you...
    10. ~Demon Maxwell~
      ~Demon Maxwell~
      I'm afraid not - I have not seen the anime (or read the manga for that matter) and have no interest in it. Why do you ask?
    11. ~Demon Maxwell~
      ~Demon Maxwell~
      ...What is this? Seriously, what is this that I have just read? WHY ARE THEY MAKING THESE?!?!

      Diamond Tiara is a mean, spiteful character - I don't like her. At all. Though I think Silver Spoon is slightly worse... I think.

      I'm doing well - I'm a tad pissed off these days though.
      But hey, I received my marks back from my [final] tests.

      Math - C (I have a chance to up this to a B in November).
      English - A+
      Science - A+
      History - A
      French - B (but with my speaking assessments, this will probably be boosted to an A)

      I have more, but they come in November. I also have three Science exams this June.
    12. darklord18
      i doing fine
    13. Joltik-Kid
      Sorry I haven't been responding... not much I can say lately. Things have been pretty dull
    14. Adelaide1994
      I am in excellent spirits good Angelo :). I am just reminiscing about the days where I was an excited young individual playing Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire.
    15. darklord18
      i am good .
    16. ~Demon Maxwell~
      ~Demon Maxwell~
      I see - I like your theory with Discord, though that element of his personality comes out a lot during the show itself, doesn't it? For some odd reason, I've always felt a bigger connection to Discord than to some of the Mane 6 themselves - he seems like a relatable character to me. .__.

      The Changelings theory... hmm, I can see where it comes from. They literally scared me when I first saw them, because I just couldn't understand the concept of them. I understood what they did, understood where they came from and understood their purpose, but there was just something about their character-concepts that I couldn't trace, and it creeped me out. D:
    17. ~Demon Maxwell~
      ~Demon Maxwell~
      Oh? And what headcanons did you or do you have for the ponies? I am interested to hear what you came up with specifically and why.

      I see - I sometimes visit the Debate Forum, just to see what people feel strongly about these days. It gives me a good indication on what I should know a little bit about in order to connect with anybody at least that little bit. It also feels good to have views on a general discussion, whereas normally, I am not so interested.
    18. ~Demon Maxwell~
      ~Demon Maxwell~
      Oh, I see - what were you tracking it for?

      Pokemon X and Y is a huge joke as far as I'm concerned - the makings and origins of that game are, in my opinion, both rushed and incomplete. I think the idea of Nintendo was simply to fob some extra money while they had more designs rolling in their way. Of course, I don't care enough about Pokemon to study why and how the makers decided it would be a good idea, I personally feel it's a bit of a cop-out and a cheap way for Pokemon to appeal to the 3DS.

      What reasons are you on Serebii for? Are you more like me with the slow diminishing interest in Pokemon and the like, or do you have other reasons?
    19. ~Demon Maxwell~
      ~Demon Maxwell~
      Congrats on the Galvantula! I don't talk about Pokemon any more and am beginning to despise it; I merely stay existing on here for the people I have made relations - whatever those relations may be - with.

      I don't really plan to review anything, with all the exams going on - I'm going to focus my line of work on my writing. I haven't posted anything in a while and people back on my writing forum have wondered where I have gotten to. I may review Doctor Who though, having recently been dragged into watching it with my best friend and coming out of the experience actually enjoying it.
    20. ~Demon Maxwell~
      ~Demon Maxwell~
      I'm so sorry for not replying to your past messages - I've been REALLY busy this past month or so. Again, really sorry!

      And funny motto there!

      I'm doing good - it's getting better now my exam period is almost done with. I have mixed feelings about my Math... but my Science, I got top marks on (A+) and I am excited for my Languages exam, which is tomorrow, as I almost always achieve highly on those too. Math is my only concern.
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