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  • It doesn't take too long for them to resolve a conflict, usually just a week or two. But, this one is different, it probably won't be resolved at all. My other best friend has "plans" for revenge because my best friend told the principal and my best friend and one of my other best friends went to the principal claiming that my other best friend threatened them by saying she was going to jump them, but she didn't.

    *takes a deep breath*

    So, it's not going to be resolved anytime soon or at all.
    *shrugs* It's kinda like this every few weeks/months, usually that girl starts it, but she kinda cooled down now. It's always that something little gets someone angry and whoever said whatever got them angry spreads it around, but tweaks it here and there, so they don't look bad, but the other person does. Then, it gets to the princaple.

    What my best friend said to my other best friend (I've got a lot of best friends, the one who said what got my other best friend angry is one of my friends here) was something about if you don't blink when someone claps their hands in front of your eyes, that means you have bad reflexes. That got my other best friend angry, so they got into an arguement about it and my other best friend had to be held back from punching my best friend by another one of my best friends.

    And they say high school has a lot of drama.
    Yeah, it's been a while since we last chatted.

    Overall, my year wasn't bad for my grades, but very bad to me and my friends. Right now, everyone's splitting into 2 sides. I'm one of the only ones left staying neutral because if I don't my best friends will be really mad. :(
    yeah hopefully it will hold up... ikr?? it does seem slow to greatest everyday and of course ANY pearlshipper's favorite: High Touch^^.

    yeah... Oh man, the last 3 weeks, have been nerve wracking for me.. im also concentrated on my finals and the Nba finals(Go lakers!!). You know... pearlshipping to me is just much more than a ship.. it was because of pearl i have so many memories and friends here and of course Youtube... i just dont want us to lose to Kenny and Penguin... I agree. Romantic friendship plays out more better than CHildhood friendship.. because ash and dawn have had more memories and times together ;).
    I see. hope you feel better. i went to the dentist to get my cavity filled. Man i couldnt eat for 6 hours >< haha. Yeah the theme song was good and episode was too XD> im so anxious for next week's episode *shivers*. yeah i just love when she cheerleaders for ash.
    Yes, it certainly did. She was also really into his battle opposed to Brock who just comfortably sat.

    I'm doing well currently. It's been raining heavily for the past few days so I'm hoping for some sun. I hate mud. :/ My second school year is ending next week which is coincidentally the same week the anticipating episode is airing. That makes the boring days pass so much quicker to me.
    I'm fine, just tired after acting so childish today with my little brothers.
    there were two big ducks walking on our neighbor's driveway. so like the "immature kids" we are, we decided to chase them off onto our driveway. so then, they started walking into our garage. so we began yelling and chasing them off in a circle multiple times. and the ducks finally went onto our other neighbor's yard. once they did, we decided to scare them off once more, and they flew away.
    ...yeah, it was pretty stupid. xD
    it was the weirdest thing I've ever done for my birthday (...yep, my birthday was today).
    and, I'm pretty psyched about tomorrow's gym battle episode (Dawn'll be wearing her cheerleading outfit, so I've heard), the new dub season theme song, and the upcoming battle between Ash and Kenny.
    it's just all so exciting ;)

    Nothing much is going on. Sure we are all nervous and everyone probably is on to something.

    but as for myself, I've decided to just wait and watch.
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