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  • Sorry about the late reply.
    Well, after the Battle Festival, I don't plan on keeping either Ursula or Paul in the story. I also had something planned for the 6th chapter (well, a friend of mine gave me the idea) and I thought it would be interesting.

    I saw Gone With The Windworks! this morning and I was very happy. PUSA didn't change the scene all that much, compared to the Japanese version. I kind of get the feeling that Dawn was hiding something in that scene. Did you get that feeling too?
    Oh, you've read it?Yeah, it's going to be a dramatic story and I already have the story planned. I'm having a touch time writing the 5th chapter.

    I laughed too. We got some nice Pearlshipping moments so I'm kind of hopiing for the same thing at the Grand Festival.
    I'm doing good, just working on the 5th chapter of my Pearl and Contestshipping story and I've been watching some Pokemon episodes as well. How about you?
    Yeah, I'm doing good. I'm also hearing that we might get tomorrow off too. My mother said that the winds from the sea are gonna push the snowstorm back in our direction. Is this weather gonna end sometime soon?
    Yes, It has been quite a while. I'm fine-though a little dizzy. XD
    That new generation of pokemon is becoming a welcome distraction from my life...
    whoa. well, I hope things go good for you this week. it sounds like there'll be a lot going on for you during the next couple days.
    well, I'm sort of in a calm state right now.
    although I'm really anxious about the premiere of DP163, wondering if any pearlshippy scene will actually pop up and surprise us in that episode, and eager about the english dub of another Kotone/Lyra episode this weekend.

    I'm also sort of nervous about Saturday night, because my band is playing at a Valentines' Party that night.. and I hope I don't screw up in any of the songs we'll be playing.
    I originally didn't need to play with the band, and I really didn't want to (because I'm such a lazy butt).
    but.. the money from the party's tickets will become charity money for Haiti, and playing in the band for that party counts as community service in some way..(and I'm desperate for service hours right now since I need 40 by March 25th xP)
    and that's how I ended up having no other choice but to play in the band for that party this weekend.

    but.. there's nothing really wrong with it. it's actually quite fun ^^ I usually get a good laugh and my mood brightens up everytime there's a band practice.

    anyway, how are you right now? how are things going?
    Yeah, my parents have been listening to news 12 and they said that we're supposed to get 12 to 18 inches of snow. That I'm not looking forward too, although I like the day off :)
    Well, I don't stand much of chance of ever going to Japan. EVER. I really want to go though. I want to meet Rica Matsumoto so bad.
    I have no school tomorrow. Want to hear a funny story?
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